The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Teacher's Summer

People who bemoan teachers' three months off drive me crazy, and make me want to go straight for their jugular. The span of summer (a scant two months) is taken up with reading (for pleasure as well as "work" reading), doing as few home projects as I can get by with, and engaging in those little pleasures that I don't have the energy for during the school year.

For instance, I hope to get together with my book group. The last book we read and discussed was Same Kind of Different as Me--a great memoir. I just finished Mary Karr's Lit. She's the author of two other marvelous memoirs. Her perspective is unflinching...The women in our group are spirited and passionate, and sharp-witted. The barbs fly---all in fun---over a great discussion and tasty food.

Jodi Piccoult is an author I have been digging into for the last year or so. It amazes me, but with every one of her books, I read the inside blurb, it doesn't blow me away, but I succumb (because this happens every time)and the plot, the research, the emotional tugging does blow me away. The latest one I read was about a family dealing with a child born with fragile bones. Even on the last page, her characteristic twists kept me guessing. (If you are in the habit like I am sometimes, of reading the first few lines and then turning to the end and reading it, with this book, don't. The end is heartbreakingly surprising.)

That is the sort of fun fare that keeps me occupied this summer as far as reading. I am also engaged in becoming more data driven as a teacher. On my next blog, I'll note some stuff about data and pre-tests and post-tests, how being reflective is crucial, and also, how documentation can help protect educators...

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