The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Contest (a la Becky Povich)

      Okay, I didn't win Becky's writing contest, but I should have.  Really. I had truckloads of all sorts of goodies shipped to The Ronald to bribe him.  (Apparently he is not a fan of Zamfir and His Magic Flute CD's, nor was he tempted by a membership in the "Bratwurst-of-the-Month" club.) I let everyone know that only contestants whose name began with "S" and ended with "X" were eligible. (I just was being thoughtful; I didn't want them to waste their time.) I even slipped in some subliminal suggestions in what they watched on TV all week ("Sioux should win...Sioux should win..."). None of it worked.  Drats!
          What I loved about it was it got me writing. It got me revising, carving away the words until I got it under 100.  So, I thought I would keep the momentum going with a contest that will take us to the end of the month.

              It's a tad bit different than Becky's.  Here are the guidelines:

  • 200 word limit (which does not include the title)
  • use the photo below as inspiration
  • must include a bit of poetry--a couplet, a sonnet (that would eat up the word count, but doesn't it sound like fun?), a limerick, a bit of free verse, a song lyric...whatever poetry means to you
  • can be any genre--fiction, newspaper "story," journal entry, etc.
  • The contest opens as soon as this is posted, and ends on October 1 at midnight.
  • My writing/teaching partner will be the main judge (she will get two "votes" to my one), since she won't know any of the entrants.
  • Please email pieces to

photo by Rhodentette

         Here are the list of prizes. (I will take pictures and post them when I find where I put my USB cord--or whatever it's called.)

  • a writing journal
  • a book called Writers, a 218-page coffee-table style book complete with lovely black and white photographs of many famous writers, along with their musings on writing
  • a hand-knit scarf (the decorative kind, the type you wear with a sweater) in olive green, turquoise, and purple---knit by a persnickety menopausal Missouri artist
  • a button--bright yellow---with the word "Writer" emblazoned in black across it
  • a small (12" or a little more, square) hand-quilted autumn wall hanging
  • a box of staples and a few dry-erase markers (a humorous prize offering, for a teaching acquaintance of mine)
  • some sort of chocolate/edible treat
       If I forgot anything, let me know.  I like how Becky did it---she printed off the entries, cut off the names, and let them sit until the judging, so she was clueless which one belonged to who.

        Let the writing begin...


  1. WOW!! This is an awesome contest!! AND, even though you did lengthen the word count, I think it's going to be quite a challenge....for me, at least! Sounds like great fun! Can't wait to come up with something....and yeah, love the photo!

  2. I already have a little "something" working in the back of my mind for this one. :)

  3. last night I thought I posted a comment... obviously it didn't save! long story short: 1) thanks for your comment, for following and for directing me to your contest 2) I saved the pic and will start dreaming about something to say 3) the prizes are cool! 4) I'm following back!!!

  4. Hi Sioux - I'm on it! An idea flashed as soon as I saw the picture, and you've lured me with the promise of a writer's journal and chocolate if I win. Now I just have to be sure to get it in on time.

  5. Goody! More words! I liked Becky's so much, I'll try to try, too!


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