The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Writing "Block"

         I just read the latest post on WOW, and it's jam-packed with ideas from Jodi Webb.  One tip that's visual and simple is the use of blocks.  You know, the toddler kind with letters and numbers on them...

photo by porter867-5309

          Jodi has 8 blocks on her desk, and every time she sends out a query, she takes a block away.  The goal is to get rid of all 8 blocks by the end of the week.

          I am in the midst of decluttering our spare bedroom. Hopefully when I am done, it will be a decent writing space. I have a few things to jazz it up already--my first rejection letter, framed (and it's a real letter, not some simple, short form), some of my favorite photos, and a special writer's box that was given to me by a friend after I got the news that my children's book is going to be published. 

       The visual factor...the idea of starting with a number of blocks and gradually, the number dwindles...It's like mirroring the battle against writer's block. As the week goes on, as the queries and submissions are sent out, the block(s) diminishes.  

        I am not sure I am ready for 8 blocks (I teach during the day), but perhaps 4 or 5.  Maybe I can even pick and choose the blocks, so I can start each week out with the blocks below?

                 S      E     N     D

      And welcome to my newest follower, WORDS  A  DAY  and her blog.  She is a writer and (I think) a painter. Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Hi Sioux,
    What a great idea! I also am stimulated visually. Maybe I'll try using blocks.
    Good luck with yoru new writing space.
    Donna V.

  2. That's a good idea, but what would be even better would be if I could jsut find someone to take care of all that for me!!


  3. I love the idea of framing your first rejection letter! What would REALLY motivate me would be if, say, Viggo Mortensen removed and article of...nah, I won't say it. But let's just say I'd be typin' up a storm! :D

  4. I missed that post on WOW, but that is a fantastic idea! In fact, my husband and I were digging around the cluttered, dark corners of our basement and found a box full of wooden blocks that our kids stopped playing with long ago. Serendipity.

  5. Donna--Thanks for the encouragement.

    Pearl--We would ALL like someone else to do the grunt work for us.

    Lyn--It DOES sound like fun. See below for Janel's comment. She might have blocks for sale!

    Tammy--I didn't tell you who I have locked in my closet...

    Janel--I'm glad I could pass along the idea,and even more glad it came at the exact right time.

  6. Hi Sioux - I haven't checked out Jodi's column yet, but you appear to have summarized nicely. I love that idea! And congrats on your children's book. Did I know that already? My memory is cheesecloth these days. *sigh* Anyway, that is grand news, indeed, so congratulations!

  7. I'm glad everyone liked my blocks idea. I keep track of queries online and in a tablet but when the blocks are up there staring me in the face I feel the guilt! It's very motivating!

    Visit me at too

  8. Hey Sioux... A couple of years ago, writer-friend Tammy gave me a really cool set of blocks for either Xmas or my birthday...don't remember because they're so close to each other...Anyway, they're very pretty and she may have even bought them at B&N...Using all the blocks except for one or two, I spelled out the following and it sits on the top shelf of my computer desk (which is behind me now, because I use my laptop all the time....hmmm, maybe that's why it doesn't work all the time) It spells out: Write Damn It! Complete with explanation point!! :)


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