The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calling Governor Nixon

         For all my blogging friends who live in Missouri, please call Governor Nixon 573-751-3222 and ask him to uphold Prop B.  The majority of the people voted "yes" on it, and it is now in danger of being quashed.

Actually, his assistant is not taking any residential information when you call, so everyone---no matter where you live in the country---please ring Governor Nixon up.

photo by Mo's Fo-Toes

           It will only take a minute, and it just might help...

           Please pass this along, and if you don't live in Missouri, you can call and tell Governor Nixon that you know this Missouri blogger who:

  • stood in line for hours, in a river of people, right before the last presidential election. This menopausal woman with bouts of incontinence braved the port-a-potties, all to hear Jay Nixon introduce presidential candidate Barack Obama, as everyone stood under the Arch with hope in their eyes

  • teaches 3rd graders every day, and in spite of working like a dog, she still works for the dogs...

  • has seen first-hand how horrible puppy mills are, and is ashamed of what we do to dogs just to get rich.

          Thank you!


  1. I'm from MO as well(Okay, originally from AR, but loving my new home!), and also have a blog on writing...good to see you and I love your platform!


  2. absolutely,a nd add this prek teacher's name to the list. What kind of country is it when our votes don't really matter?

  3. I'm not from MO, but I do support the cause through ASPCA. My little black Lab mix is the product of a puppy mill. It is hard to understand how humans can be so cruel; but then, a lot of people aren't very nice to each other, either. As the Wicked Witch said, "What a world, what a world."

  4. I don't know who is braver: that menopausal woman, or the people who stood near her in line. Or--horrors!--anyone bystanders who might have held up the porta-potty line. Thank you for caring for our beloved doggy friends. Are you sure that's the right number, though? I called immediately and heard an unintelligible voice followed by a hang-up! :-o

  5. Tammy--I think you misdialed. I just double-checked, and got his office. Try again, please.

    Lisa--You're right. It IS quite a world!

    Thanks, Jessica. I will have to check out your blog. I always enjoy reading other writers' blogs.



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