The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Is That?

photo of an Iwo Jima survivor and veteran by NYCMarines
          Yesterday I was checking my email, and saw a name that sounded familiar...But I couldn't quite place where I had heard it.

          However, when I opened up the message, it hit me. And for me (and you, too) it's wonderful news.

          On my blog right now, I have a couple of jumbo photos of books which include a story of mine. In fact, the pictures are so large, the airport has insisted I put lights on them, in case a plane in distress needs to make an emergency landing.

          The person who sent me the email was Becky Haigler. Silver Boomer Books has accepted the story about my dad's stint in the army. (Read my previous post about writing the story.) This is my first official paid writing gig, so I'm planning on photocopying the check and framing it. (Corny, I know...)

          The anthology is going to be called The Harsh and the Heart---Patriots Dream.

photo by EASTeam

     Okay, Sioux said it was great news for her followers...Explain.

          Perhaps on my blog I need to consider just listing the places where I'm published. It's only three right now, but soon---hopefully---the list was grow.

    That IS good news. We were all getting tired of seeing those enormous pictures. It was like the Goodyear blimp was hovering...hovering...hovering over our computer screens.

      Anyway, thanks to all my blogging friends who regularly post calls for submissions, bloggers who have a submissions "button" and bloggers who inspire me. Because of your support, I'll keep plugging away...



  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! Yay! Zounds, even.

    Hooray, Sioux!

    (it's Fireblossom...blogger is acting retarded this morning and won't let me sign in)

  2. Yay! Congratulations!!!!! :)

  3. Woo-hoo!! Yay!! Your news is fantastic! Sioux, this is wonderful. And you aren't crazy to save a copy of your first check. I did the same. It is a reminder to yourself that you really are on the right track; physical proof that people want to read what you write. So copy/frame away! Can't wait to read your story! Congratulations!

  4. Sioux, congratulations! Silver Boomer Books is proud to be your first paying publisher! hope all your friends and family will be looking for the book this summer. thanks for the plug.

  5. Lisa---Thanks for admitting to being corny and schmaltzy right along with me.

    Becky--YOU'RE thanking ME for the plug? You're more than welcome. We will be on the look-out this summer for the book...

    Linda--I know you left this comment earlier, but it "disappeared" when Blogger had a hissy-fit. Thanks. I'm planning an international book tour...Care to tag along?

  6. Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful to get paid for something we would do no matter what? (For something we have to do...) That is such great news. Cheers to you, Sioux!


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