The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Magpie Tale #74

         Every week Tess Kincaid hosts Magpie Tales. She provides the photo, we provide the creativity in the form of a vignette or poem. This is the 74th Magpie.  Being consistent for more than a year is awe-inspiring. There are probably weeks that Tess would like to devote her time to something else. Replying to the Magpies is a large investment of time; every week Tess lures in dozens and dozens and dozens of writers. And yet she continues to cast her line out and we take the bait...oh, so eagerly.

        Thanks, Tess. And below is my Magpie.

      a map of africa
      or a mask

      it makes no difference

      the dark continent
      should stay there

      and all its rich history?
      it's in africa?
      i don't think so

      the cradle of civilization
      is in africa?
      surely you jest

      all that apartheid stuff
      and those mass killings
      and the boys 
      who get stolen into soldierhood
      it's so far away...
      does it really affect us?

And finally...Lisa Ricard Claro is hosting a contest to celebrate luring in her 200th follower. There will be more than one winner. If you don't already follow Lisa and her blog, it's well worth the meandering over. She's offering copies of a Chicken Soup book with beautiful Golden puppies on the front. Be sure to follow (if you're not already) and enter...

For all the details about the contest, go here.  


  1. very powerful and thought provoking, Sioux. Hide or ignore the problem and it'll go away is too true sometimes.

  2. Truly a thought provoking piece... no hidden battles, no miles too far. Reality is what it is and thus it comes a knocking on our back door.

  3. Unfortunately the world has grown so small that we're all affected by everything everywhere. Including the terrible famine in Africa now.

  4. That's where the lions live. Some day, I am going to go live on the savannah with my sisters.

  5. A very interesting take on the prompt - thought provoking

  6. Very thought provoking poem, Sioux. I loved it!

    Thanks for the invite to the trivia night, those are so much fun. Unfortunately, we're out of town. Hope it's a great success!


  7. A profound and thought-provoking piece.

  8. Supposed to be a Dark Continent, yes, how come civilisation there was in Egypt and and the other going-ons. Brilliant thinking!

  9. Stay in the dark and not intrude on our thoughts to make us feel guilty and ill-at-ease with our peaceful comfort. Oh yeah, plenty of people think that way. Good stuff, Sioux.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  10. Lovely Sioux. That was deep and touching. And it is nice to give Tess and her dedication a mention. I know I'd be lost without MT now!

    I will pop over to Lisa's link later.

  11. Very nice work Sioux. Thought provoking.

  12. your questions are pertinent. I think your poem has already answered them in the asking.

  13. Oh yes ... we are impacted by what happens in that far-away land ... or we should be! You presented the dilemma beautifully.

    (thanks for the comment and your heads-up mention of disco and Prince! - I lived in Minneapolis for many years - in the 80's!)

  14. Rightfully, a smack in the face. Very bold and terrific.

  15. every nation now stands toe to toe, within keystroke, within shutter-shot, within earshot, within gunshot -- nowhere to hide...

  16. Oh, I really appreciate what you're doing here. This is truly wonderful - frighteningly so.

  17. You've really hit some buttons with this one.

  18. A powerful and provocative piece. Wonderful!

  19. Brilliant piece! Isn't that just how the world is? If something is not affecting us personally, it's easier to remain in denial. Be completely desensitised about the atrocities going on around the globe because it doesn't affect you personally. Love it!

  20. BBC News yesterday was telling of an 8 year old boy abducted into soldierhood.


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