The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Torturer or Murderer? AND Something Mind-Blowing

Two nights ago a fly got into the house and tormented me for a while. Perhaps the huge spiders who have set up a campsite in my family room let them in? Anyway, in the wily way they have, the fly eluded me. I tried to swat it, I attempted to sneak up behind it and smash it with anything handy, but unsuccessfully.

photo by leonlee28
Finally at one point, I saw the fly inside an empty glass. I quickly put a small bowl on top, trapping my flying foe.

So far, it's still alive. Occasionally I observe it. It's interesting. The fly is not giving up. Every time it detects some movement, the fly walks up toward the top of the glass, hopeful. When I shift the bowl slightly, the fly springs into action, ready to slip out of any available crack. And even without any food, the fly is sustaining itself.

Part of me wants to take the glass and bowl outside and let it go free. Most of me wants to wait out the fly, and see how long it takes. 

As writers, we have to be persistent and not give up. If we're "blocked" by one editor/magazine via a rejection, we need to look for a crack or an opening or a submission possibility somewhere else.

And when we have a long dry spell, and have not gotten an acceptance in a while, we need to find ways to keep our spirit alive. Meet with a writers' group to get some affirmation as well as some constructive criticism. If that's not a possibility, read over what you're working on. Find some great lines you're proud of, or a marvelous hook at the beginning, or a satisfying conclusion. You could even blog and get some positive feedback.

Be like the fly. Be persistent.

And, since I have no idea of a post that could just include this, I'm tacking on this video. It shows a 3-D "copier" that can replicate objects with moving parts. On the video, a wrench is copied. It will amaze you!     


  1. Flies are most definitely persistent. My dogs think they are protein snacks. Ugh. I like your analogy and will consider it your fist official crack of the bully whip. :)

    Love that video. Holy cow. I mean, really. That's like science fiction stuff. How cool is that?!

  2. Well. I read this. I tried your advice, to be like the fly. Now I can't write at all. With these compound eyes, I see hundreds of everything I look at. The editing alone becomes endless! Help meeee....

  3. Yes, a little encouragement can sustain us for a long time. I remember reading about an experiment with mice in beakers of water. One was given no encouragement to keep swimming; the other was given a momentary foothold for a few seconds. The first gave up pretty quickly; the latter swam and swam and swam.

  4. Interesting comparison...just please don't tell us you smashed him dead or let him suffocate! Cool video, but I wish they'd told what happens when they try to copy living things. Time to donate the fly. But if the fly represents writing, is that plagiarism?

  5. The video is amazing. Who knew?
    I don't like flies, but I don't like to see them suffer either.
    Maybe he'll be like a persistent writer and free himself.

  6. You can catch more flies with honey than with a bowl and a glass.

  7. Poor little stinker fly. I loved how you tied that into writing!


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