The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elephant Pants, Hip Huggers and Nehru Jackets

        I was recently thinking of one of my favorite outfits when was 11 or 12. I had a cousin who was a professional-level tailor, and she constructed a turquoise Nehru jacket and pair of pants for me. I loved it. Sadly, I could use a Nehru jacket again in my current state...It would hide my turkey neck.

photo by Wrightbrain
Nehru jackets--popular with the early Beatles, men from India, and weird girls like me...

       When I was 12, bell bottoms were not belled enough. I begged and pleaded until my mother would cut slits in the bottom, and sew in a large triangle of contrasting fabric to make them bell out. I needed so much room for clearance, I hired a truck with a sign warning "Wide Load" to travel behind me. And it wasn't because of my cellulite-ridden rear end (then).

       Often, the bell-bottoms were also hip-huggers. At 12 or 13, I had curves---breasts and hips--and something really strange which I've forgotten about: visible ribs.
photo by Tory RoJo
Yikes!  These are scary hip huggers. Sorry.

photo by sandriocat
Aaah. That's better. THESE are the hip-huggers I remember with such fondness...

        Linda O'Connell sent out an email with this link about the sixties. For those who are much younger than I am, you can see some of the groovy stuff that made our lives so rich. And if you remember that era well, this will just be a blast from the past...

          And perhaps you could comment on some of the crazy hair or clothes you remember--even if they were not from the 60's.



  1. Ewwww! @ that guy's hairy stomach. Gross.

    PS--thank you so much for the welx back. :-)

  2. I want a Nehru jacket! Wah, I never had one of those. Hip hugger bell bottoms and halter tops. Good grief just thinking what I'd look like now in that get-up is down right horrifying. Loved little braids going down the long straight hair.

  3. Chukka boots for the boys.


    Those leather flap-purses with hand-tooled flowers for the girls.

  4. Fireblossom--I agree. Eeew!

    Lynn--Halters! Egads! Now, the way I am, there is no way a halter could halt the things it would need to halt.

    Val--I remember chukka boots. They were so old-fashioned looking, in my opinion. Kind of like the Hushpuppies for young people...

  5. Wow! That took me back to my plain Jane look. I didn't have any of the cool stuff you had, nor did I have as hairy a belly.

  6. Wow, that hairy belly really scared me. I was hoping it didn't have anything to do with too much testosterone or something! :o

    I was a "chubby", "pleasingly plump", "half-size" clothes wearing adolescent and teen. Talk about a terrible time in my life....when Twiggy was THE LOOK!

  7. I remember all of those! I still remember the satisfying way those bells slapped against each other when I walked. What was I thinking? Clothing should not fight with itself. Remember all of the crocheted stuff? I had a skirt and vest set. Oh! And I actually owned a red vinyl jumper. Hard to believe I admit that.

  8. You had me at Hello. Or rather, at the title of this piece. Yup, I remember all those things, and particularly the Nehru collared-dress that was my favorite during the 7th grade. It was paisley and corduroy! WOO-HOO!

    I had a very clever friend back in NYC. She once said, "I know I've been procrastinating when I show up in the laundry room with nothing to wear but a Nehru jacket and bell-bottomed pants."


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