The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Donna and Linda and Lynn, Oh My!

            This past Sunday was the debut of the Storm Country anthology. A gala was held on The Loop, and several creatures--some usually not seen sharing their work in the close vicinity of humans--were captured on film.

        The oh-so-rare Donna Volkenannt was spotted, but one had to look quickly and listen hard. She darted up to the microphone, read a page or two of her story, and then scurried back to her lair.

                                       Donna Volkenannt, author

          Another elusive animal, Lynn Obermoeller, was there. She was cool as a cucumber as she shared her story with the audience. She was so cool in fact, scientists are speculating if she is a reptile rather than a mammal.

          Unfortunately, a photo of the Obermoeller cannot be posted. Currently, she is under the witness protection program.  Hundreds of death threats have been sent to her blog, due to her horrendously large NaNoWriMo numbers.

           Our last creature captured on film that evening was Linda O'Connell. Normally, the Linda is a little less reserved. Not as shy as the Donna or the Lynn, she makes the rounds, performing her poetry and reading her stories for the public.

                                           Linda O'Connell, author

           It was a wonderful evening. The cause is marvelous as well. The book is being sold to help restock the school libraries that were flattened during the Joplin, Missouri tornado. If you were unable to make the event, and would like a copy of the anthology, I'm sure you could purchase it from Linda, Donna or Lynn.

            That is, if you are able to spot them, as they hide behind stacks of published works or hunch over their keyboard...



  1. I'm sorry I missed that amazing sighting. Thank you for documenting it for us!

  2. I am relieved to discover that if teaching, writing, and pole-dancing don't work out for have a career in wildlife photography to fall back on.

  3. Hi Sioux,
    You are so sweet. It was a lot of fun and always good to see you and Lynn and Linda. What a crew! Dang. After looking at my photo, I wish I were in the witness protection program.
    We'll all be cheering you on when you have your Chicken Soup for the Soul booksignings--and I'm bringing my camera!

  4. Good grief, Sioux! First my hiney, now my face. Good seeing you, and your friend, not so much myself.

  5. Sioux that was too funny and I'm SO glad to be in the witness protection program... there are advantages of such a thing. Death threats have slowed, however, injuries sustained to the wrist are going to slow me down.

    It was sweet of you to come to the reading and support all of us and Joplin. Thank you!

  6. Funny post, Sioux! I think I am also an elusive creature, like Donna, as I rarely seem to make these events! But I'm glad I made this one, and I'm glad I got to see you again!


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