The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, May 7, 2012

For Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)

This is my granddaughter. A little over a week ago, she lived about 14 minutes away. Now she lives 14 hours away...


      My daughter, her partner and their daughter (my one and only grandbaby) have embarked on a new adventure...a new phase of their lives.  In the background, I'm hearin' Pete Seeger singing, "To everything...there is a season." (Can you hear him, too? Listen closely.)

     This photo was taken Easter weekend. Riley got to ride on the carousel, and then obliged Grammy by posing after her ride had ended. And the music in my mind Joni Mitchell singing, "We're captive on a carousel of time."

      Time keeps spinning us around and we can't get off. We just have to hang on and embrace the parts that are joyous and endure the parts that are difficult, all the while becoming stronger.

      As a human being, as a writer, we go through different phases, different seasons. Some are more productive, some are marked by more compost than growth, but truly, we're always growing even if nothing visible is happening above the ground. (Peek deep down inside...Look. Foundations are developing, roots are stretching in all new directions. Growth is going on.) 

       What seasons of your life--as a writer or simply as a human being--are most memorable?    


  1. I'm all sad for you! Maybe you can keep in touch by Skype or whatever that thingy is where you can see and talk to people over the internet in real time. My son did that with my stepson through three tours of Iraq. I think it was morning there when it was evening here. We could talk before he went "off to work" every day.

    All of my writing pretty much falls into four seasons:

    Parenthood-it's all I can do to keep from turning into a Mommy Blogger.

    Marriage-I marvel at the absurd situations my husband gets himself into.

    Work-there's always something going on to laugh or cry about.

    My Attitude-the world conspires against me, and people piss me off.

  2. Val--We are planning on using skype or google-something, which is supposedly easier to use.

    Thankfully, because your seasons are what they are, you will never run out of writing fodder.

  3. Sioux, Riley is a real cutie pie. I feel your pain and loss, but 14 hours is just a couple tanks of gas away...and school vacations can be spent with Grammy in St. Louis riding carousels.

  4. Sioux, your grandbaby is adorable! I know you're missing her. Hhmm, most memorable? Need to think about that one.

  5. Linda--Yes, a couple of tanks of gas if I'm on a motorcycle---and I don't think ANYONE wants to see me driving one of those. ;)

    Lynn--Thanks. I can agree about her adorability level--and not sound conceited-- because she looks nothing like me. AND she is a kind and thoughtful and bright, too.

  6. What a beautiful grandchild, so full of sparkle and possibility.

    One of the advantages of technology is that you'll be able to keep in touch, even though you're hours apart.

    Every season has its beauty, but I'm partial to the fall.

  7. Donna--You see it, just as I do. (Perhaps grandmas have extra-sensitive sight. ;)

    Yes, in this case, technology is a good thing. Now, if only it's simple enough for me to utilize it.

    I agree with you--autumn is my favorite, too.

  8. Aw, I'm sorry they are moving so far away!

    Answer to the question: None. I just try to flee the flaming wreckage as expeditiously as possible.

  9. What a beautiful little girl! I seem to see less and less of my kids as time goes on, too. At least we don't live in an era where they get on a ship ans we never see them again. It's something. And wonderful message. Yes, I'm learning to embrace all of the seasons because they make me appreciate being alive all the more.


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