The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Next Stop, Istanbul

I'm sorry I didn't post any book blurb on Friday, either on time or late. 

I was finishing up in my classroom (organizing-wise) on Friday, and then cooked all night for my son's rehearsal luncheon on Saturday.

Then Sunday (the 28th) was his wedding. (I'm going to ASSume I didn't make a fool out of myself, but since I'm writing this before the wedding happens, I shouldn't say anything.)

On Monday I took a train to Chicago (it's a long story why I needed to do that) and then a flight to Istanbul. I'll be in Turkey until late Saturday evening, and plan on taking lots of pictures and notes...

... Which is why I've been such a slacker when it comes to blogger. I still needed to finish my report cards (procrastination + a looming deadline = a early departure from the wedding, I imagine).

I will try to catch up on comments and posts after I return on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get too sunburned or dehydrated while I'm there...


  1. Don't apologize for being a busy and achieving woman! You are doing fine. We can wait. Have a great trip and a great wedding ahead!!!!!

  2. I'm waiting for the train explanation. I hope you didn't get kicked out of the airport!

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  4. I'm tired just reading about what you're up to. :-)

  5. Can't wait to hear all the details about the wedding and your trip! Stay safe and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every minute.


  6. So THAT's where you've been! The same old tired trip-to-Istanbul excuse that everybody uses! :-P


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