The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Deceptive Book Cover (or I am Such a Snotbox Sometimes)

            I admit it.  I am prone to making snap judgements about people, and sometimes I hang onto them for quite a while.  (I have a friend who is much more open and receptive, and she just shakes her head at me, to no avail.)  Usually when people are a bit uppity, or are in love with the sound of their voice, or...there's a myriad of reasons why I will squint my eyes and determine they are worthy of only my snarky, gossipy comments...And like most women, I will crouch down and wait---for days or weeks or months---for a juicy tidbit about them, which proves I was correct about them.

            There have been occasions when I am in a group of writers, and looking around, I wonder what kind of writers they are.  I observe the way they carry themselves, I listen to the jokes they make, I examine what they do while other writers are sharing, and I speculate.  And invariably, with writers, I am always wrong.

            Because of course they open their mouths and make some incredibly on-the-mark comment about a colleague's piece, or they read from their own work, and it blows me over.  And just like I am the first one to admit that the only way I could make it as an exotic dancer was if people paid me to put my clothes back on,  I am also the first to admit that my initial determination was wrong.

              I once worked with a student in our creative writing camp.  He came on the first day of camp with bright orange hair (as orange as the skin of a tangerine) and a hoodie pulled up, which covered most of his face.  I was inwardly groaning over the prospect of working for three weeks with this young man.

           But he was gifted. And I would have missed out on his gifts if I had stuck with my initial judgement and continued to mentally dismiss him

            Young boys who look like they are gang members...Women who look like they are ditzy bobbleheads...People who look like they're right out of a Ma and Pa Kettle movie...All they have to do is speak a few words, and your misconceptions come tumbling down on top of you. 




  1. Uh...which one was me? The ditzy one? Probably! Since I talked a mile a minute and appeared as if I was on a High of some sort! Hopefully, you've given me a second chance, as well!
    PS Please don't judge me by what I read Saturday. It was definitely a WIP!!

  2. Hey Sioux,
    What you've written is an eye opener. I admit to doing the same thing about making snap judgments based on first impressions.
    I need reminders that others are always sizing people up and making judgments about them.
    Now I'm thinking the ditzy one is moi, or maybe it was the uppity one or one of the Ma and Pa Kettle clones.
    Donna V.

  3. Actually, I used generalizations that I encounter in district-level meetings. Most of the time my snap judgments land on people who whine, people who think they are the exception (constantly), people who are lazy. I probably will now be viewed as a stuck-up who is always sizing people up. I guess I am sizing people up on a regular basis, but it's not because I'm so high-falutin' and superior; I just like to know where I fit in with others, because I'm usually the odd one in the group.
    However, I WAS bowled over by some of the writing and especially, by some of the responses to the writing that was shared. Donna, what struck me was how serious you look, but I think there is much more lightness and humor than I intially thought. And Becky, your irreverence is refreshing. I am really glad Barbara got me on the trail to the Saturday Writers' group...

  4. Hey, thanks Sioux! I'll have to write that down about myself....dont' think anyone's ever referred to me that way, at least that I know of! Have a blissful day! :)


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