The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday Slugdom...Now, Saturday Writers

         Sometimes a gift from a friend is a slab of fudge.  Sometimes it's a great book or even the title of a great book.  And sometimes, a gift from a friend involves work.  But it's good work...

         Months and months ago, I went to a conference in Portland, Oregon with a friend.  She very kindly agreed to share a hotel room with me, which is a testament to her generosity, since I snore louder than any other human being snores.  (I have a spouse and parents and several friends and a whole boy scout troop that will testify and support this claim.)

        This friend mentioned a group she meets with on a monthly basis called "Saturday Writers."  For whatever reason, I kind of let it go in one ear and out the other.

         Last month I began a blog.  Why? 

1) My butt had become a permanent part of the couch, and one can only knit so many scarves---a la Madame DeFarge---before the fingers cramp up, so I needed something else constructive to do while I watched marathon sessions of Top Chef and Project Runway  and The Closer as I wait for Sons of Anarchy to return on September 7...

2) When it comes to technology, I am a nimrod.  (Okay, Queen Nimrod.  Only a couple of years ago, I discovered what right click does...It opens up a whole new world, and the sad thing is that I found it accidentally.)  I figured, if I am on the computer setting up a blog, as I navigated and added "gadgets," I could add a few things to my toolbelt...And I have.  

3)  I love to write. The revision process, seeing a piece that, initially, has a stench about it, but eventually evolves into something that's not half-bad, the constructive criticism---I revel in it.  Writing, and being around fellow writers, jazzes me.  It makes me squeal with excitement (although I try to only squeal silently---a menopausal blob squealing is not very attractive).

       During my blogging, this same friend reminded me of the Saturday Writers, because she had a link to them (or was a follower; I can't remember which).  A little lightbulb lit up, connecting that link with our conversation months ago.

       The point to this rambling post (You mean there's a point to all this digression?) is that yesterday I went to the meeting of  the Saturday Writers (they meet on the last Saturday of each month in St. Peters, Missouri). I joined.  I enjoyed (hearing the writing that was shared).  And although I know it is going to involve work, it's work that I embrace and revel in and need to do...

         There will be more postings about my experience yesterday, because there's many ways I'm talking the talk but not even getting close to walking the walk when it comes to living the writer's life.  Yesterday also reminded me that one should never judge a book by its cover (more writing fodder).  And I am excited because they have a "hot" writing contest this month, and I have a story that involves sweat and sweltering heat...




  1. Wonderful post, Sioux!! It's always great to hear when another writer feels a lot like the rest of us, in so many ways! I'm really glad you liked us....You really, really liked us!! (sorry, I can't help myself sometimes! You saw for yourself what a goof I can be!)Thanks for joining. I know you'll add a lot of fun and knowledge to our group! PS I LOVE your humor! I haven't heard anyone use the word nimrod in years!! hee hee

  2. Hi Sioux,
    It was good to meet you on Saturday, and great that you joined. You are a welcome addition to the group.
    Please do write something HOT for the contest!
    Donna V.


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