The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Malo! Malo! Malo!

        OJ Gonzalez-Cazares,  in her blog, has written a poem about domestic violence.  She also has linked a music video of a singer named Bebe..

          There are subtitles, but the chorus gets under your skin, and the singer's power and style make it unnecessary for a translation. 

           I am reminded of a parent in our school. She always referred to her husband as
"Mr. ____."  She never referred to him on a first-name basis when speaking of him.  The kids loved to spin tales about the teachers, so their father could go on a rampage at the school, because that meant his anger was aimed at someone other than them. 

          This family has several sons and one daughter.  What kind of monsters will the boys develop into, with that kind of role model?  What kind of mate will the daughter look for?  From her perspective, is love always black and blue?

photo by Bianca Inez


  1. chilling...and sad.....and true....

  2. Sioux, thanks a lot for the link back and for your words...this can't be highlighted enough and every one takes a new angle to explore and reveal. Nothing justifies and act of violence.

  3. Hi Sioux - Country star Tim McGraw just won an award for his work against domestic violence. In his acceptance speech he said that he learned a lot from the domestic abuse under which he himself grew NOT to treat his wife, how NOT to treat his daughters. I thought that message was important, because it proves the cycle can be broken. Unfortunately, it isn't broken nearly often enough.

  4. Lisa--that is so true. It takes someone with a strong constitution, lots of counseling or a partner with lots of love a patience to break the cycle. I guess too often I am dubious when it comes to the kids I work with. Their spirits are sometimes already so broken, I am not sure they have the strength to break free from the cycle.

    Becky--It IS chilling, how insidious domestic violence is.

    OJ--You're the one who deserves thanks. The song has been burned into my brain---at least the chorus is one I can sing. However, my gift to the world is that I only sing when no one else is around (ha).

  5. Sioux, thanks for your blog posts, my favorite kind--ripe with serious thought and reflection. Best, Dianna


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