The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wrestling in Room 12

       If you've lived in St. Louis for a long time (50+ years) you probably remember "Wrestling at the Chase (Park Plaza)." I never went (I barely survived the phase my son went through, when he went to wrestling matches and he made sock puppets--a la Mankind--and he'd practice leaping straight up into the air and landing--with one knee--on my husband's back/kidney). However, since the Chase Park Plaza Hotel was a luxurious spot, I always imagined that their regular wrestling matches were refined...classy...and frequented by celebrities from all over the world.

      Well, wrestling in room 12 is not quite so refined. There is a smell in our classroom that is probably similar to the smell in the locker room of the Chase in that long-past era (sweat) but that is where the two part ways.  I'm wrestling with nine-year olds.  It's verbal. Emotional. Sometimes almost literal. And it's slippery.

       This is to preface my whine-session (and if anyone has cheese and crackers to go with my whine, I'd appreciate you sending them my way) to explain make excuses for why I am not writing every day.  Why I don't submit things on a regular basis. Why I head for the couch as soon as I get home--which is three feet from the front door--and spend a good part of the evening there.

       I am exhausted. Drained. I wish I could get into some writerly groove, and perhaps I will sometime soon, but I haven't gotten there yet.

        Within the last week, a writer posted a comment. I'm always interested in what other blogs are like, so I read her latest posting.  It is one that should be emblazoned on a t-shirt, or framed and hung up in your writing studio spare bedroom/clutter collection room.  (She's also going to be doing a book signing at the Big Read in Clayton tomorrow afternoon.)

        Please read Dianna Graveman's Write in the Midwest blog.  The post on September 26 called "Curse of the Practical Writer" is phenomenal.  Perhaps I can get it tattooed onto my forehead (it is large enough) and when snooty writers look down their noses at me, I can lift up my bangs, demand that they read it, and then I can wave my hand dismissively at them and stomp away...

Mankind, the Wrestler
photo by Gato Ranch


  1. Wow, Sioux, thanks for the call-out! I am honored you read the post and liked it. I was obviously feeling a bit frustrated that day. And thanks for your great blog posts, too. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

  2. Wrestling at the Chase. Now that brings back memories. My grandma went on Friday nights. They showed the highlights on Sunday mornings, and one morning there was Grandma standing at ringside cheering for her favorite.

    Hope it gets better at school.

    I'll check out Dianna's post.

  3. Dianna---Now that I have a few moments this evening--Friday is my "veg night"---I am going to read some more of your postings.

    Donna--What a cool grandmother. Please help me complete the picture that your comment formed in my mind...What was she wearing as she stood ringside?

  4. What a great analogy wrestling is. You almost have to teach to realize that it's absolutely draining. You have to be "on" literally all day long, and your 20 minute lunch break has to be devoted to frantic chewing in order to work in a bathroom stop on top of it all.

  5. I agree, Tammy. I taught elementary school (and middle school one year) for a decade. I remember longing for the days when I worked in a quiet office and had an entire hour to enjoy my lunch and read. Unfortunately, I got what I wished for when I left teaching, and now from the confines of my cubicle, I reminisce about my teaching days. I guess the grass is always greener...congrats to you, to Sioux, and to all teachers on the great work they do and their dedication to students.

  6. Great post! My brother and I used to watch Wrestling at the Chase on TV, too! (Our mother didn't like it very much, but she didn't make us stop, either!) Of course, Mike and I would get into our own little wrestling match, and most often I'd wind up crying! Ha!
    I, too, commend all the wonderful teachers that truly care about their students and do such awesome jobs!


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