The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Appearances Are Deceptive...Or Are They?

         Yesterday, for most of the day, I was wrapping gifts at Barnes and Noble.  It is one of Love a Golden Rescue's top fundraisers each year; we are at several area bookstores during the holiday, and always have a great time talking to people.

       There was a couple I recognized; when I walked past the cafe to use the restroom, there they were.  For several years now, I have seen them when I wrap up books.

        I don't know what the attraction is. Do they come in to read the magazines for free?  Do they come in because it's a warm place in the winter? I didn't look too closely, but I assume the male half of the couple was drinking coffee or tea in the cafe.  All I saw the female doing was talk. Loudly.

photo by weirddollz

         To describe their clothing choices or their appearance would not do them justice.  They both  have the look, however. You can tell, just by a quick glance, that they are a bit "off."  (He has the oddest-looking, longish least I am praying it is a wig.)

        Mentally ill?  On the brink of homelessness?  Just a bit mentally retarded?  I wasn't sure.

         As they were heading out the door, they stopped at my table.  She wanted to go home.  "I'm feeling a bit peckish," she said.

        Geeze Louise!  I've never heard anyone use that term.  It's from another century; I've seen it in ancient books, but uttered from a mouth in 2010?  How weird!

       She then playfully grabbed the donation box--full of dollar bills---and said, "Thanks for the donation!"  Catching my eye, she put it down, and they walked out the door.



  1. Oh Sioux, Ask Becky. I am a magnet for strange people. The key is to avoid eye contact. Once you engage them with words or a look, you are theirs.

  2. OH...Linda is so right. I wonder if it's a writer thing? I'm another strange-people magnet, but that's okay; I think real-life characters make life's story richer! I don't like evil people, but strange doesn't bother me unless they try to hold you captive. Plus you gotta love someone who uses the word, "peckish!!"

  3. Hey Sioux! Which B&N were you at? I remember different groups doing that at the Mid Rivers one the year I worked there part-time, although I'm sure all the stores do that. Your description of the man made me think I may have seen him, too! LOL...We'll have to talk later...

  4. People are interesting, aren't they? I love to read your posts. The couple could be in disguise and quite normal, just ripping people off as they go.

  5. Strange, indeed. Maybe you can use them in a story?

  6. my theories? 1) they were high on sugar (not difficult to achieve during this season) 2) they were victims of a heat shock from the heated environment at B&N 3) they were trying to be funny with you! 4) all of the above ;)


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