The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, December 13, 2010


        Today I got the mail, and carrying it into the house, I glanced at the holiday cards, and the "junk" flyers, not even noticing what lurked in the midst of the stack.  Folded around part of the mail was a familiar-looking jumbo envelope.  It looked familiar because I had addressed it back to myself, and of course, since I had not gotten a business-sized envelope back, it was bad news.

photo by almostgotit3

      Albert Whitman & Company passed on my manuscript.  I'm disappointed, but I have a next step already in place.

photo by Allan Sanders

     Lou Turner, be ready!  High Hill Press, tell me what I need to do...Send you a query?  Type up a letter of acceptance so all you have to do is sign it?  Let me know... 


  1. Hey sioux,
    Obviously that publisher who rejected you has no taste.

  2. Sorry about the dreaded envelope! I'm all for Plan B, though!! :)

  3. Sioux, save the letter so you can rub it in their faces when you become famous.

  4. Sioux,
    Lou did my book and she did an outstanding job, in record time. You will be very pleased. Good luck! Hope it's a best seller.

  5. Sioux...I'm with Donna, that publisher has no taste. But I know one that does. Send your manuscript to and I'll take a look. Compliments on the blog. And good tribute to True Grit. Remind me to show you my John Wayne imitation. And I can recite every line of dialogue he ever spoke.

  6. Thanks to Donna, Janel, Barb and Linda for the encouraging words. I AM saving the rejection letter, but just for "proof" that I am starting to send pieces out. It's been a long time coming...

    As for Lou---You asked for, and you got it (late last night). A writer goes over a piece many, many times, and there was even (last night) a transition that was missing.

    I hope you see a glimmer of potential in the story...


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