The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writing to Get Your Pen Warmed Up

          I used to be a quilter.  In fact, I've gotten hooked (pun intended) with every type of handwork from counted cross-stitch, bargello, crewel, and currently...knitting.  But years ago, I was knee-deep in fabric scraps and rotary cutters and batting.

        Your quilting fingers, just like your imagination, need to be warmed up sometimes. Gifted artists with a needle advised to have a "warm up" or "junk" project off to the side.  Before working on a project you were serious about, it was suggested to quilt a bit on a project that did not matter to you. In that way, your fingers and your needle could get into the groove and get warmed up before it really matters...

photo by interchangeable parts

        There are occasions when the words flow out in the right way the first time they are written, and little revision is needed.  Count yourself fortunate; it doesn't happen all the time. If you find yourself struggling, if you get stuck, perhaps beginning with a journal entry or writing part of a letter will stretch your writerly skills.  Then, after your hands have gotten into the groove of tapping on the keyboard or scrawling words across the page, you can transition over to the project that really matters.

photo by E.L.A.


  1. Great advice! Looking forward to seeing you this morning, too!! (but not for the $!)

  2. Hmm...I never really thought about that. Makes good sense!

  3. Hi Sioux,
    What a great analogy! I quilted for awhile, too, just a few quilt blocks.
    It was fun seeing you today. Hope your publisher's meeting went well.

  4. Interesting concept..write before you mean a class we did stream of consciousness writng exercises..wild results!!


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