The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mad Talking, Soft Talking, Fast Talking

           Just after reading the first forty or so pages of Writers at Play by Mary Adler, I'm already hooked.  In the first chapter, it advocates providing opportunities for young writers to "play" with words, while balancing their need for a bit of structure and focus.

           Adler includes an exercise from a book called Inside Out. It seems like it would be a great activity to do if you want to get a handle on a character, and could be part of the work at the backend, or could even be expanded to become a short piece that stands on its own.

photo by DoodleDancer

               "Mad Talking---Write a response to a person, thing or situation that makes the character angry.

              Soft Talking---Write so that the character comforts a suffering person or thing (an animal, a stuffed animal, even an inanimate object, such as an old car).

              Fast Talking---Write to convince someone to do something or believe something. Have the character win them over."
                                                                       ---Mary Adler

              Try writing a "talking" piece about a character. You might be surprised at the  results...

               And thanks to my newest follower, Val Thevictorian. Val, if you are a blogger, let me know, and I'll include a link.  (I love your icon---if that's the correct term.)


  1. Sounds like a great exercise! And I'm guessing each approach should be practiced for the same character?

  2. Fun exercises, now to exercise the body as well as the mind!

  3. Scary photo, but interesting exercises.

  4. Ha! I love her icon, too. Rowwr!!!

  5. Great idea. Thanks for posting it! And I like Val's name a lot, too....

  6. Terrific idea to get writing started. I love exercises like that. Anything to keep the creative gates open!

  7. Thanks for sharing the exercises!

  8. Sounds like a great exercise. I play games with the characters I make up (Liza BEan Bitey and Dolly Gee, while real cats, do not actually, say, steal my car or talk with a lisp the way I claim they do, ha ha) and enjoy imagining them in situations where I can make up their responses...

    I do, however, sometimes put hats on them, just to watch them walk backwards.

    What can I say. I live a simple life. :-)



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