The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, January 5, 2012

WWWP Critique Group Update

               Well, it's been a loooong time since I've shared any stories from the WWWP's den of hilarity. In fact, it's been so long, perhaps you've forgotten who the cast of characters are? (If you want to read a fairy tale with these same mischievious misfits, go here.)

           There's GaLinda. Don't let her grandmotherly charm fool you. Inside her chest beats the heart of a cougar--or at least a middle-aged cheetah. (She still is deadly with her talent, and despite the fact that she can run circles around the rest of us, she is always generous with the publishers she preys on and stalks.) If you want to read her writing for yourself, go to her site.

           Our next character is ELynn.  She's the one in the group who has a speech impediment. Unable to share her work without making excuses, she cannot pass out copies of her work without saying, "I know it's crrrrap, and I'm sorry." (It never is crap.) When the critque group meets at Elynn's home, she is the best host. Slippers for our worn-out feet...warm towels to refresh our tired skin...43 different kinds of tea...and (yikes) a bathroom that features 360 degrees worth of mirrors. (There's no place for the fat to hide in that bathroom!) You can check out her posts by going to her blog here.

          Next is Cammy. Not only is she thin (we don't like her) and gorgeous (we really don't like her) she is the gentlest of critques. (Actually, Cammy and ELynn are neck and neck in the competition. The prize, when the winner is determined? A jar of marshmallow cream and a jar of Nutella, because their "criticism" is always softened with a great dollop of praise, and their sweet natures always shine through.) Read her writing where she posts it regularly--here.

        Let's make sure and not forget ElsBeth. She's another one who is gorgeous. I've given up trying to fatten her up with high-calorie treats. Now I just take small sandwiches, handfuls of artichoke dip and pieces of birthday cake and--after applying some hot glue--throw them at her body. Sometimes she's too busy explosively laughing to pluck them off before they get a chance to adhere. Most of the time, however, she is reading and making notes on a story, is telling pee-in-your-pants rollicking stories, and is prying the food items off her 6'3" frame--all simultaneously. Just like the other characters, ElsBeth's input is priceless, and her ability to connect the personal with the universal is inspiring...Intrigued? Want to read more? Find her here.

        Finally, there's Rue. Last night she brought her version of a healthy snack--she brought a chocolate fountain, but set it on a slow speed. Unfortunately, once Rue jumped into the fountain, no one else was interested in partaking...

       Now that you have a playbill and are reminded of who the cast is, when I next tell a story about the WWWP group, you'll know who I'm talkin' 'bout...


  1. Your critique group sounds like a blast! I know four of the five members, but I'm not spilling the beans of who they are. Wait. Too late. Their names appear at the bottom of your post. You ladies are fun and accomplished--what great traits!

  2. Maybe you can do a post in which they each take on the persona of a Designing Woman. I've already got one in mind for Julia Sugarbaker.

  3. Wow, Rue, I knew I liked hyperbole for a reason. If this is to make up for that comment about how Cammy attracts bandy-legged baldies (which is a great deal more factual)...I'll take it! And I want that chocolate fountain recipe so I can leap in at home, too.

  4. Dang! did I actually mention how old he was?
    Rue, you nailed us.

  5. Donna--They ARE an accomplished group indeed.

    Val--These ladies would fit in well with the Designing Women. One of them could go toe to toe with Julia, too.

    Tammy--Rue is not sharing her fountain. It's for her...all for her!

    Linda---I'm not sure ElsBeth got "nailed"...

  6. This sounds like a hilarious group! I can't wait to read more . . .

  7. Haha...a couple in your group sound suspiciously like some of my blog buddies. :) You're a lucky duck to be part of such a fun group!

  8. Mama Zen--They DO provide a rollicking good time.

    Lisa--I can't imagine why you think that. You must have had a little too much wine and chocolate tonight... ;)

  9. I...don't know what to say. I'm still debating having us all take that field trip you recommended the other night. Hmmm...and speaking of decadent treats, no I did NOT partake after I left you ladies. I guess I'm on a sort of "diet" too. HMMM...HOWEVER, I do have another story to tell. I will try to keep it shorter and not blush (or sweat) as much during the telling. AHAHAHAHA.

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