The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Blurb #59: Forever a Child

      Lisa Ricard Claro, a generous blogger and a talented writer, hosts Book Blurb Friday every week. It has been going strong for over a year now. The photo she posts--along with the 150 word limit--inspires a writer's imagination as well as hones the ability to be simultaneously succinct and enticing. To find out about this week's offering, check out Lisa's meme.

     It's been a long time  since I've made time to write a blurb (even though I thoroughly enjoy it every time I do it) but I got sucked in this week since Lisa was nice enough to use one of my photos. However, when I saw the picture for next week, I got really humbled. (She claims it was shot by her daughter, but since Lisa is not old enough to have college-aged kids, I suspect it was taken by the "hired children" she trots out occasionally. It is gorgeous!)

      The challenge is easy. 150 words or less. Take the blurb in whatever direction you want. Leave a comment on the host's blurb, link yours  to Mr. Linky (it's easy, since even I can do it), which means you get to enjoy other bloggers' blurbs.

     Below is my blurb. It is 130 words.

Forever a Child

“Riley was here…” It was chalked across concrete walls, etched into the muddy banks of rivers, and engraved onto the hearts of all who knew her.

Although her IQ was lacking, her ability to fully embrace life was not; Riley knew exactly what was important and what could be bypassed. Her childlike enthusiasm bubbled over—everyone who knew her was enriched by her effervescence.

Nutella (on a spoon) for breakfast…dancing barefoot in summer puddles…taking a nap with a dog on a Saturday afternoon: these are some of the ways Riley squeezed joy out of every single day.

Travel to the places Riley visited before her life was cut short. Meet her followers whose lives she touched. And be prepared: your life will never be the same…because Riley was once there…


  1. Oh, Sioux,
    Wonderful writing. Your blurb is so moving and evocative. I love "Riley squeezed joy out of every single day."

    1. Sioux, this is beautiful and touching. It is also a great idea for a book. I love it and would buy for sure.

      I can envision the story being woven throughout with her birth, medical issues, how she spread love, etc. Plus it could be a bit of a tour guide.

      Where did you take this picture, anyway?

      Kathy M.

  2. An un-thought of take on this intriguing photo - and I suspect they'll ALL be like that - and I'm a fan of Nutella from a spoon.

  3. This brought a tear, as it reminds me of my best friend, who had a magnetic personality, even if she was a bit short on shingles. I love this. Go ahead, write the book.

  4. Good to have you participating again, Sioux.
    Your blurb is so wonderful, I'd certainly buy this book. I also like Nutella on a spoon, and I'm sure I'd love your heroine.

  5. Oh, what a beautiful blurb, and beautifully written!

  6. Well, you gave me tears and chills at the same time, so I'd say it's a great blurb! It took me back to a day at the grocery store when a boy with Down's syndrome spotted me at the end of the aisle and abandoned his mother to run to me. I was the recipient of an enormous hug--and I'd never seen the boy before in my life. He was just so FULL of life and love. I've never forgotten him.

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  8. I'm sure this story would bring some tears and a lot of inspiration to live life joyfully.


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