The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, April 2, 2012

Poetry Contest and a Flash Fiction Contest

Emily Dickinson
photo by Amherst College Archives

         Saturday Writers is having two contests this month--poetry and flash fiction. The deadline is April 28. Poetry is limited to 50 lines; flash fiction is limited to 500 words. The entry is fee is $7, with a maximum of 3 entries per person per category. (If you're a member of Saturday Writers, the entry fee is only $5 per entry.)

        I wrote a murder story for the March contest, but after searching (in vain) for a way to make a cigar poisonous (I was killing off Rush Limbaugh) I had to alter my story; my victim became Steve Tilley, the Missouri politician who has idiotically decided to honor Limbaugh in the state capitol with a bronze bust. (The thought makes my shirt bust open in pride! Not only is Missouri the meth capital of the country and not only are we the puppy mill mecca, we also have some of the stupidest politicians.)

       Now, I have to think of a poem to submit, even though it's not my normal genre. Flash fiction as well? Who knows...

        I have a writing friend who writes poetry almost exclusively. (Barb)

        I have a writing friend who writes humorous poetry. (Linda)

        I know a writer who writes mind-blowing poetry, and even channels Emily Dickinson at times. (Fireblossom)

            I know a writer who writes wonderful microfiction; I'm sure Lisa could submit at least one or two flash fiction stories.

        I know of a couple of other writer who are phenomenal poets. (Hedgewitch and Mama Zen).

         How about it? What's stopping you?


  1. Thanks for the link up, Sioux! I'll put it on my calendar and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the head's up!

  2. Nothin'! I plan to enter. Just got to find a way to get a couple poems onto paper the way they want it. I don't think they'll take longhand!

    I also want to enter the sci fi thing when it comes up.

  3. I'll be poeming my little heart out over at Poetic Asides, so perhaps by deadline I'll have at least one worthy poem to enter.

  4. In Missouri we not only have lame-brained politicians, we also have some silly voters. Remember when Missourians elected a dead man for senator? Oh, and in the last presidential election, some counties reported voting at more than 100 percent.
    I'm not a poet, but I might give a try at flashing--fiction that is.

  5. Donna, since I'm a transplant, I don't know these stories! Better than fiction. And Sioux, we have some spouses interested in coming to marathon writing day! how cool is that? They can witness the bloodletting we go through as they try their own hand at composing. But we may have to stifle their attempt at limericks.

  6. With any luck, the artist commissioned to do Rush will misread the order and do a big ol' bronze butt. You named some great poets and writers there! Wish I were better at poetry. Sounds like a good excuse to try.

  7. Sioux, I pretty much stink at both... and I just read Tammy's comment... cough cough... no doubt she'll write a poem out from her, well you know... she'll write some fantastic poem and I'll just cry some more.


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