The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Friday, June 1, 2018

Where I'm Going and Back-of-the-Book Blurb # 102

Oh, don't get excited. This summer I'm not going to Turkey (again)/France (I wish)/stalk Viggo Mortensen (any more). I'm not going to quit blogging. (Sorry!) The place I'm going this summer is into my head and on paper.

I recently served up my beautiful baby manuscript to an editor I hired. The pregnancy lasted a couple of years. It was a C-section--that baby was stuck and didn't want to come out. When it was finally delivered, I thought my stack of papers was ab. So. Lute. Ly. perfect.

However, Margo Dill didn't score my baby a perfect 10. (Gasp!) There were problems. Major problems. However, they were fixable problems... and Margo has given me a handbook to ensure I raise this baby up right until it can toddle off on its own.

To be completely honest, I was not thrilled with hiring an editor. I'd heard from writing friends how good Margo was, but really... What was she going to tell me that I didn't already know? It's brilliant? It's engaging? I already knew that. (Ha!)

Margo honed in on the strengths and the weaknesses of my manuscript with the accuracy of a laser. As soon as I read her thorough and detailed critique, I knew she was right.

So, this summer I'm headed off to more research... lots of writing and lots of revising... and I'm so excited. Margo's specific suggestions have energized me and encouraged me to make this story the best one it can be.

If you'd like to read about some of her suggestions and get an idea of how eagle-eyed she is when it comes to editing, check out my post on The Muffin. 

And now onto back-of-the-book blurb stuff...

          Look at the photo below. That is the cover of your bookYou choose the genre. Is it a coffee table book on why Speedos and skimpy suits for men are bad fashion choices? Is it a photo collection of deranged old men? You decide.

        Write an enticing blurb--150 words or less. (The title doesn't count in the word count.) Blurbs are those enticing bits that prod you into buying the book. Sometimes they're on the back cover of the book. Sometimes they're on the inside front cover. What they always try to do is lure you into purchasing the book. 
          Lisa Ricard Claro was the original creator of this writing challenge. She moved to Florida, and is too busy to host a weekly book blurb. Check out her blog, along with her books. Anything she writes is wonderful, and not only is she a gifted writer, she's also a generous friend. She has several new books in the works, and that, along with walking the beach on a daily basis, fills up her days.
          Include your blurb in a blog post. Include a link to this post. Also, link your post to Mr. Linky. Mr. Linky is easy. If you've never done it, you'll be impressed with how simple he is. And then, check out the other blurb(s). It's interesting to see the different directions writers take, given the same photo.

           Here's the book cover, along with my blurb:

Marcia had gotten rid of her man. All he did every evening was watch Swamp People (a show that provided a translating caption for viewers, even though the stars supposedly were speaking English).

“Shootem, Libeth. Shootem!” fill the void between them every night.

Now that Barney was out of her hair, it was time for his left-over junk to go as well, so Marcia Magic marked up a big sign. She dragged the stuff out to her front yard. And she waited for the cars to drive up, stop and unload… because (she hoped) the stuff was too good to pass up.

Stuff like a complete set of dribble glasses… a Lost in Space chess set… a Miami Vice (signed) poster… a miniature Ice Road Truckers truck.

Will Marcia make money from this left-over junk? Or, will she make Goodwill happy when she carts the unbought stuff over to them? (150 words)

And if you want to play next week (because I've finally gotten my rear end back on track), here is the next photo/book cover:


  1. Sorry, this is one fake book I can never bring into my house. Hick does not need the temptation of reading about such enticing items. He'd have to build some new themes sheds to hold them. Not that he likes to read, of course. But if the book fell off a shelf, open to that description...

    1. Val--I figured those things would entice Hick...

  2. Thanks for putting in your post link. I don't get notifications, so I visit Muffin when writer friends post links-and by the way, I loved the post!

  3. An editor would surely have red ink all over my comment. How many times can I insert the word "post"?

    1. Pat--You could have said, "Thanks for posting the post-link in your post" to get a couple more in. ;)

      Thanks for reading it and commenting on it. And I'm so excited about your three upcoming books. Are you going to clone yourself a couple of times so you can do multiple book signings at one time?

  4. Looks like a lineup of the usual suspects.

    1. Yeah, those wiener dogs... They're quite vicious.

  5. Yep, I enjoyed that post that you posted about and I think it's the same post that Pat posted about? :-)

  6. They say that one person's junk is another person's treasure! I think she will make a lot of money off of his stuff but should label it all - antiques!


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