The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, July 26, 2010

Data Driving on the 'Tube

         Last night crazy things were going on with our nextdoor neighbors, so since I could not sleep, I was on my laptop, looking up some stuff on data walls.  (And watching Mad Men begin their new season...)

          This video is a principal talking about data walls in the halls.  There was one idea that is probably obvious to everyone else, but seemed brilliant to me:  instead of taking down the data sheets/charts/graphs and putting up the most recent ones, staple the new ones on top of the old ones so they can be compared at a single glance.

data wall video

         This video snippet has a teacher talking through the process.  I thought it might be helpful in our school because a few of us engaged in inservice last spring, and will be relied on to help bring the rest of the staff up to speed.  It has some helpful "nuts and bolts" hints, especially the use of color-coded post-its. 

data wall discussion

         This video discusses a specific data wall form.  The only thing I would change is there is a "Plan" and "Do" category, and the "Do" category seems very simplistic.  (It has what assessment they will use at the end of the year.)  I think if I use something similar, I will list the specific strategies/activities under the "Do" section.

another data wall discussion

         Finally, a bit of humor.  This is a cheesy "rap" by a few white guys.  It might be a great way to begin a workshop or discussion about being driven crazy as we're driven by data...After all, it's much better to laugh than cry (and pull our hair out).

At the corner of Data and Levity

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