The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, July 26, 2010

Re-Energized by Passionate Colleagues

             I was in a meeting with Gateway Writing Project members this evening.  (Check out the nearest National Writing Project site for a life-changing experience.)  We are planning our 3rd annual youth writing festival.

             Yes, we're all busy.  Yes, we're still on summer break.  But also yes, we are all committed and passionate about the young writers we teach.  My friend said it best:  We make time for what matters to us...

             Collaborating with colleagues who get jazzed about the same things you do re-energizes you.  There are too many teachers who use the excuse, "I'm too busy...I don't have the time," and certainly as educators, our plates get more full every year.

              But, if it really matters, we will make time for it.

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