The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And It's Off...

         Earlier in the month, perhaps even in July, I wrote that I had a manuscript (a picture book) I had been sitting on.  It's been "finished" for at least two years.  I'd sent it to only one publisher, and after that, I just moaned and groaned over the fact that it had not been published. Well, duh!  It might have a chance if I was more persistent.

          I vowed it would be sent out before August ended, and since I'm the Procrastination Princess, it was sent out today. At 4:15 this afternoon.

          So, maybe I'll hear from Albert Whitman & Company tomorrow?  Or later in the week?  Place your bets on whether it will tomorrow, Thursday or Friday before a response is received.

          Seriously, if you think of yourself as a writer, you have to put your stuff out somehow.  That might mean you belong to group of writers, and you get feedback as you write and revise.  That might mean you scratch your poetry into the walls of a toilet stall.  Or that might mean that you keep submitting, and looking forward to rejection letters along with--hopefully, a letter of acceptance---because that means you're living the writer's life. 

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  1. Yay! That's what I'm talkin' about!! Hoping along with you for that acceptance letter! And, if for some reason it doesn't happen this time, then you send it out again, etc! Congrats! I'm proud of you! (like I said on my blog....What are they gonna do if they don't like it? Come to your house and beat you up?! :D

  2. Becky---Well, if they DID come to my house and beat me up with the manuscript, it wouldn't hurt too much (since it was only 9 pages). My head is definitely hard enough to handle that!

    I thought of submitting it to Lou first, but this publishing house makes sense---at least to rule it out---because they published the book that inspired MY book. It's a tear-jerker called "Go Home: The True Story of James the Cat." (It has a happy ending, however.) My story is a "companion piece" that tells the story of a stray dog.

    How's your book coming along? Is the end in sight?

  3. Hey Sioux! Good thing I came back here today to read your blog and comments, and to leave comments! And duh, I already left one here, that I kind of duplicated at your newer post! Oh well...I'm always complaining of my short term memory! Good luck with your story!! I wondered about Lou, but I understand why you sent it where you did! Sounds like a winner! I think I can see the end of my book...but it's still waaay out there, I think!


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