The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Affair With an Author

       Recently my friend Becky Povich wrote in her blog about the letters she has written to various authors.  She has even gotten replies.  I asked her who had written back: she kept mum.  I momentarily thought about replying about my affair with a writer, but thought it would be better to speak about it in a post...

      Years ago, I fell for George R. R. Martin.  His book Fevre Dream is such a gem: vampires meet the river boat trade of the 18oo's.  The plot is engaging, and the book became one of my favorites.

        When he came to St. Louis several years ago for a book signing/groupie gathering, I was there, ready. In my hands was my copy of Fevre Dream; everyone else had one of his sucky popular "fantasy" novels.  No one else in the room knew Martin as well as I did, they were unaware of his wonderful touch, otherwise they would not have been clamoring for the uninspired drivel that they lapped up. 

Kurt Sutter
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     When I stood up and proclaimed my love for Fevre Dream, in front of all the gaping onlookers, our eyes met. George saw a spark, from across the crowded room he knew we were kindred spirits, but I was too timid to make any further overtures and George...well, George could not suggest, surrounded by book purchasers, that we drive off into the sunset together.  Alas, I only had my old, worn copy (Fevre Dream was out of print for a while) and I was unwilling to shell out money for crap his recent tale so I could nab a line ticket to get his autograph.  $24.99 was all that stood between Martin and I consummating our connection.

     A few years later, I became bolder. I was at a teacher's conference and heard Rick Bragg speak about his memoir All Over But the Shoutin'.  Although I was happily married and in spite of the fact that I was sitting next to my very proper Mormon friend, I fell hard. He told poignant stories, he told hilarious tales, and it was clear no one else in the banquet hall knew him as I did.  I stalked him for years after that...devoured Ava's Man and later sobbed, when he broke it off with me in The Prince of Frogtown.  He had found another lover and married her; my heart was shattered...

        Now my sights are on someone else. Again, a writer.  This man has the ability to paint characters that are so dark (to most people's morality) yet so complex and so infused with their own "light."  This past season, he even wrote of a devoted father who traveled to Ireland to save his son as well as hunt down the man who kidnapped the little boy.  When this father spied on the couple that had "adopted" the baby, he walked away...this child now had a chance at a life free from violence and as heart-wrenching as the decision was, he knew it was the greatest act of love he could perform.  

       Kurt Sutter. I've got you in my cross-hairs. When you tire of Katey Sagal, I'll be waiting for you...

     And thank you to my newest follower, Fireblossom.  If you have not read her poetry, sit down first (otherwise you will topple over when she blows you away) and then enjoy.

    Also, one of my blogging buddies, Linda O'Connell is hovering close---but not quite---to 100 followers.  She's a serious freelancer and has millions of publishing credits (only a slight exaggeration) and is generous with her talent and knowledge.  Perhaps you will be the one to put her into the triple digits...