The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Friday, August 28, 2015

Close to Your Heart

         This summer, I found a tiny antique journal while traveling in France. It's made of some kind of metal. Silver? Something else? I'm not sure. It's a lovely way to remember the trip and is a perfect way to express how important writing is to me.

Nothing is written inside. Unfortunately,
John Hancock did NOT take notes in this journal when
the drafting of the Declaration of Independence
was done... Otherwise, I'd be retired right now.
Instead, I'm just tired...

          I'm planning on getting a chain so I can wear it as a necklace.

          I love writing.  I love arranging and rearranging lines. I love reading others' words. I love getting feedback (constructive criticism) on my writing. 

          What memento from a trip or an era do you have that you hold close to your heart? Sentimental minds want to know...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Turkey Dogs? Or TurkISH Dogs?

     In about two months a few Love a Golden volunteers are going to Chicago to meet some international canines... to meet some goldens from Turkey, so we can drive them back to St. Louis, so they can soon find forever homes.

     It's an expensive endeavor. The plane fare. The vet care (done in Istanbul). The sending back of the crates. The rental of a vehicle that will hold four people and three extra-large crates.

     But it should be a blast. And soooo rewarding.

     If you click on the link below, you can find out more about the project, along with the problem that's rampant in Turkey. Atlanta has gotten a bunch of goldens already (Lisa and Cathy--yahoo for Atlanta) and many other cities have already gotten some goldens as well, or are in the process of getting some. (I wrote the text for the Go Fund Me page, so I'm gonna keep this short.)

     Clicking on the link will also enable you to--if you so desire--donate to the cause. Every little bit helps.

     Go Fund Love a Golden Rescue Getting Dogs From Turkey

     And if you'd like to see a video about this project that has spread all across the country, check out this piece about the work Atlanta has done so far...

       And if you have a dog or cat, whisper to them, "You're so lucky to be in a loving home..." Because they are.