The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, July 29, 2012

ABC--Arachnids' Brazen Counterattacks

          I had a weird experience with a spider earlier this week. Thought it was an isolated incident. A "Sioux-thing," much like getting my head stuck in a sink. Something not worthy of talking about.

          But then, I read Val's post. And I smelled something fishy. Or closer to the truth, I smelled something eight-legged and hairy.

          Tuesday evening I killed two spiders. The only thing I had handy was an empty QT (Quik Trip) cup (plastic), and since the bottom is hollowed out a bit, I really had to work to get the dirty deed done. But I did.

          Wednesday evening, I saw another spider. I was prepared this time, with a shoe. But apparently, this spider had been witness to the arachnicide the night before--it was prepared as well--because as I headed toward the spider, it wheeled around so that it faced me, and charged at me.

photo by C.J. Newberry

           Sadly (for the spider), it did not end well. But it made me wonder what other odd encounters people have had with animals.

           And what would happen if we were all like that spider? What would happen if when we were attacked, we immediately armed ourselves for our own self-defense? To defend our way too frequent occasional use of the ellipsis...To defend our deliberate use of sentence fragments...What would life be like?

           Certainly, most of the feedback we get as writers is constructive. Helpful. Nothing offensive. So thankfully, we don't often have to do what that brazen spider did.

            Tomorrow I'm going to Chicago for a National Writing Project workshop. I'll be off the blogosphere and the submissionsphere for three solid days. And for those clamoring for another story from the "Sioux's shirt" vault, I am bringing my "Will Write for Food" shirt, but since I will be trapped in work sessions most of the time, it's unlikely anyone will be lured by my siren-song of a shirt.

           But, you never know...