The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Dream the (Im)possible Dream

          Have you ever nurtured a dream over decades, fanning the tiny lick of flames when it threatened to extinguish itself, only to see it (gloriously) grow and expand?

       A woman I know, Cathy Jenkins, had a dream of owning her own restaurant. She took a trip across the country with her family and wheedled her way into restaurant kitchens as they traveled. (Cathy is so personable, she could get a lamppost to engage in conversation.) Along the way, they took lots of photographs of their family in national parks, on the beach, and so on.

       She then began her own small cooking business, and offered a weekly treat for the teachers at her children's elementary school. A flyer would be posted in the office,  complete with a photo of the entrée of the week, and the staff would call in their order. No matter what she made, it was delicious.

        Now--after months and months of working on the interior and planning the menu and meeting with city planners, she just had the grand opening of her own restaurant--Cathy's Kitchen. It's in the heart of old-town Ferguson, right next to a Curves (not a great place for the Curves clients, I must say) and every publication in town interviewed her. The Post-Dispatch. The Suburban Journal. She's going to be in Taste and Sauce, two local cooking magazines.

You can't really tell, because I'm not the best photographer, but the kitchen
is completely open and retro-looking.

Along the entire length of the restaurant is a highway. Along the road, there are
photos of the dishes Cathy's Kitchen offers, family pictures, and guitars and cowboy boots and
Mardi Gras beads, to represent each geographical area along the highway.

This is the dreamer...Cathy Jenkins.

If you're in St. Louis and have the chance to stop by Cathy's Kitchen, you won't be disappointed. (The smoked salmon crostini is delicious. A friend had the fish tacos--the fish is not breaded--and thoroughly enjoyed them.)

What dream do you have for yourself or for your writing? And...what are you doing to keep your dream burning brightly?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Traveling Companions

         I am not a high maintenance traveler. Make sure my tummy is kept full and my bladder is occasionally emptied, and I'm happy. (Loud) music is great if I'm traveling alone but if someone else is in the car, I prefer conversation over the radio.

         Today I got to travel with two WWWPs--one on the way and two on the way back. Our destination: the launch of the book Well Versed. Lots of laughter and nonstop chatter made the trip fly by.

Four St. Louis writers were at the launch and are part of the anthology.
From left to right:  Donna Volkenannt, Marcia Gaye, Lynn Obermoeller and Sheree Nielsen.

        What things do you require/desire when you travel?