The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Everything (Okay, SOME Things) I know, I Learned From a Puppy

        Our house is no longer a quiet, peaceful place. Four new paws patter and clatter across our floors. My husband and I already had two senior dogs, but a puppy changes things completely...

       Here are some things I've already learned in the very short time (24 hours) we've had Radar:

  • It's a good thing to chew on bark. Radar--no matter how I try to divert him in a variety of ways--loves to get a piece of bark/a stick/a hunk of sod and chew on it. I pick him up and move him to another part of the yard, but he keeps returning to get his "prize" (or a different one--after all, there's an endless supply of things to slobber on in the backyard).
       If I had the same amount of persistence as that little dog, perhaps I'd be a best-selling novelist by now. (And if I chewed on bark instead of chocolate, I'd be skinny and successful!)

  • Get rid of the bad stuff. How many times a day can a puppy pee and poo? Yesterday, the count was 1,237. I'm hoping for a few less times today.
       Of course, as writers, the "bad stuff" we have to get rid of is self-doubt. Negativity. That internal editor that cuts us down. Evacuate that sh**. Now.

  • Naps (and breaks) are good things. After spending time tormenting the older, cranky dogs and checking the food bowls and floors for stray pieces of food and trying to tear up the rug and gnawing on the furniture and checking for stray bits of food and knocking over the's time to take a break. A short nap is all it takes to recharge and reenergize.
       When we're immersed in a writing project--whether it's a short piece or a novel-long manuscript--we have to step away. Relax. Do something different. And then get back to it...

        Now I'm off to play with the puppy ... (And if Blogger was cooperative, I would be including a couple of photos. Maybe it will get less persnickety later on.)


Sunday, June 1, 2014

2 Winners and a Welcome

        The furry, puppy-breath part first. In a couple of days we will be welcoming a chewing-peeing-yipping machine into our fold. Here is a picture of Radar. He's coming to our house on Wednesday.

         And after spending hours and hours creating the entries, I was ready to draw two winning names.

      (The names on the left were for the copy of The Harsh and the Heart. The names on the right were for the We Will Survive anthology.)

      And the winners are:

Pat H.--We Will Survive

Donna--The Harsh and the Heart

       Ladies, if you email me your home address, I will send your book to you. (My email address is at the top of my blog.)