The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joan of Arc

          Recently I was reminded of my "saint phase" by one of Donna Volkenannt's posts.  (By the way, you will not find a more generous blogger than Donna when it comes to contests and calls for submissions.  And she's nearing 100 followers...Perhaps you will be the one to help her reach that milestone?)

        Not a Catholic, I nonetheless scoured the bookmobile for books about saints, had the delusion I could become a saint...I've since figured out it was my pixie haircut, my tomboy ways, my fondness for rocking the boat (as opposed to a saint-like life) that resulted in this phase.

photo by Saint Joan of Arc Superstar

       But Joan of Arc appeared again! 'Tis Kismet! If you have never read Fireblossom's poetry, you will be blown away when you partake. Her poem posted on Friday, February 4 is called "Orleans" and it is delightful mix of the sacred ancient and the shallow present.  (I also went through a Rod McKuen phase, so this poem is a doubly delicious.) 

       Take the time to go back into her archives and read some of her work. There is something (Ithink) for everyone...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Writing "Block"

         I just read the latest post on WOW, and it's jam-packed with ideas from Jodi Webb.  One tip that's visual and simple is the use of blocks.  You know, the toddler kind with letters and numbers on them...

photo by porter867-5309

          Jodi has 8 blocks on her desk, and every time she sends out a query, she takes a block away.  The goal is to get rid of all 8 blocks by the end of the week.

          I am in the midst of decluttering our spare bedroom. Hopefully when I am done, it will be a decent writing space. I have a few things to jazz it up already--my first rejection letter, framed (and it's a real letter, not some simple, short form), some of my favorite photos, and a special writer's box that was given to me by a friend after I got the news that my children's book is going to be published. 

       The visual factor...the idea of starting with a number of blocks and gradually, the number dwindles...It's like mirroring the battle against writer's block. As the week goes on, as the queries and submissions are sent out, the block(s) diminishes.  

        I am not sure I am ready for 8 blocks (I teach during the day), but perhaps 4 or 5.  Maybe I can even pick and choose the blocks, so I can start each week out with the blocks below?

                 S      E     N     D

      And welcome to my newest follower, WORDS  A  DAY  and her blog.  She is a writer and (I think) a painter. Thanks for checking out my blog!