The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, December 23, 2019


This is Dewey, my grand-dog. Yes, after growing up in a family surrounded by golden retrievers, my son married a girl who was into pug-love... and now they have a pug, a soon-to-be adopted baby and another baby due to be born in June.

I always semi-apologize when I tell people my son has a pug. *

Dewey is cute, but pugs are not my favorite breed. For one, they have breathing problems. Secondly, they inevitably get stocky when they're older, and resemble Winston Churchill--all you have to do is stick a cigar in their mouth, and it's uncanny. Third, they always look unhappy.

Goldens, on the other hand, always look happy.

My daughter-in-law never stops trying to get me to switch sides. She'd love nothing more than to hear me say that I'm going to adopt a pug (never gonna happen)... that I love pugs more than golden retrievers (totally not true)... that I adore everything about pugs (nope, but I do admit I love watching them scamper around. They are fast little--well, since this is a PG site, I'll just say they're really fast.)

I recently signed up to do something scary (for me) to work on my self-promotion skills.  Many writers I know do it well--Linda O'Connell, Margo Dill, Cathy Hall, Lisa Ricard Claro and Pat Wahler. They don't beat their readers over the head in their bragging (and they all have lots to brag about), they let their readers into their lives, and they share their writing advice and resources with generosity.

What scares Sioux? Sioux, who has gone skydiving three times. Sioux, who has played basketball while riding a donkey. Sioux, who drove to the Grand Canyon in an estrogen-filled van with five other females.

If you're curious, check out my recent post on WOW.

* For those who love pugs, please don't leave a mountain of comments, pointing out their charm, their wonderful characteristics. Every dog breed has its fans. I'm just not a fan of pugs.