The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, February 23, 2015

By Walking

       A couple of years ago I finished NaNoWriMo successfully. I had written 50,000+ words. I felt marvelous. I felt victorious. I felt like I was finished with a major first step.

       However, when I honestly examined it--after the euphoria had worn off-- and after five beta readers had gotten it and suffered through it I realized that it was a steaming pile of poop.

       I started from scratch... from zero... from the very beginning--again.     

      Over the weekend, I saw an author on a book talk show. They quoted Maya Angelou as saying, "We find our way by walking." And it hit me.

       I am walking my way--slowly--as I find my way through this WIP. I've gotten 46,000-something words down (or is it 47 now?) and every couple of hundred words that get put down on paper is a few more steps along the way.

       And also, like all people, I have a path of family "issues" that I'm picking my way along. The trail is rocky, sometimes hilly, and occasionally the road has been washed away and I have to navigate without any markings...

       ... but I'm still walking.

       How else do we find our way--besides walking?

 * And I'm thrilled. Two of my friends--one teaching colleague and one writing friend (Lynn Obermoeller) have made it to the audition phase for St. Louis' Listen to Your Mother show. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. (Both of their stories are great. One is funny and one is poignant.)