The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, February 1, 2016

Winners... and Survivors

          Yesterday I put all the names of the people into a bowl (I'm old-school)-- all the people who left a comment--and drew a name.

           The winner of the Carly Simon memoir is...

                     Mama Zen.

           MZ, if you email me your address, I'll send you the book.

           And as far as survivors,  I've spent most of the last two weeks at the hospital. For some of those days I'd work, hurry home to let the dog out and then head to the hospital.

          My husband has felt bad for several months. But like the typical stupid stoic male, he tried to power through it. Two weeks ago, he went in for a pre-planned 3-4 day hospital stay so they could try a new heart med.

          We thought it was working. He was released on a Friday. 

          On Sunday night, because of an electronic monitor he was wearing, they could tell he had a heart attack. Sunday night, we were ordered to go to the emergency room immediately. He was admitted, after wonderful care from the ER nurses at St. Mary's, and stayed until Thursday.

           Because of the diagnosis he has (congestive heart failure), we are now label-lookers. Looking at every label is going to become second nature to us. Low or no sodium things are the only foods allowed in the house, which will be good for me, too. (However, if I am out and about with friends at  a restaurant, and you see me order the "Deer's Special--a salt lick--you'll understand how much I miss salty things.) Thankfully, there are sodium-free versions of salt, and we're experimenting with different salt-free versions of spice blends.

           So, how about you? Do you have certain dietary constraints? Are there certain foods you avoid? (And do you have a plate of bacon you can send me--to my work?) Salty minds want to know...