The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, August 12, 2013

Stories Retold...and Reworked

          I am a firm believer in taking left-overs, adding some ingredients, and coming up with a new creation.

       Today was my first day back to school with kids. I have my old teacher resource books, the activities we do every year but added to the mix are new things I learned from the summer workshops I attended, along with a new group of kids.  (I think I have a super group of students. I can already tell that some of them are great writers.)

       After school was over, I checked my email. A story that I had written, submitted to another anthology with some of the sassier (and seedier) elements included, and then reworked (with a great deal of help from my critique group, the notorious WWWPs) has made it over the first Chicken Soup hurdle.

       It's a dating story, one that happened when I was a waitress.  Some guy was a SA (smart-a**) and whenever I waited on him, he would specify "only small onion rings" and would be a PITA (pain in the a**) about other things as well. And not one thin dime did I get from him as a tip. (He was the manager of the restaurant. I ended up marrying him.) 

Helpful Hint:  Do not EVER tick off your server until you've had all the food and beverages served. Even refills can be tampered with.  Waiters and waitresses can do evil things to your food, and you'll never know...but they will.

      What new creation have you come up with, using old stuff? Or, what sort of dating horror story do you have to tell? Inquiring minds want to know...