The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Off the Leash Could Be On Your Doorstep

       Right now, I am 22 pages away from finishing Jean Ellen Whatley's Off the Leash.  And yes, I counted.

       I've sprinted through it. Brief, read-as-much-and-as-fast-as-possible sessions before going to sleep. Unfortunately, since I never get enough sleep, every evening, my drooling and snoring took over before too many pages could be inhaled.

      Taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon is a rare treat, and one I got to enjoy today. When I woke up, I read some, and got to a crucial part--one that I was holding my breath over.

       You see, Jean and I have something in common. In her memoir, she wrote about trying to find a half-sibling she had never met, and when I was in my 40s, I (found out about and then) met two half-sisters. it was a life-changing (and heartbreaking) experience.

       Now with not much of the tale left, I'm dragging my feet instead of sprinting. I'm going to finish it as slowly as possible since I don't want it to end. After the final line is read, it will be the end of the journey that Jean took me on, from the midwest to the east coast and then down to Florida and then west to Texas and then over to the west coast...with her Libby, her trusty pooch at her side the whole way.  

       Since I bought two copies (my daughter is borrowing the other one) I am going to give away this copy. To get a chance at snagging it, all you have to do is promise you will pass it on to someone who needs it. And you have to leave in your comment why this friend/relative is such a wonderful friend. 

       To find out how Whatley's book might make a difference in your or your friend's life, check it out here. And then leave a comment. The winner will chosen on March 15. (I promise it will be a trip you will not forget.) 

        (Linda O'Connell got me hooked on Jean, another WWWP is a rabid fan of Whatley's as well, and Jean even makes an "appearance" in my NaNoWriNotYet novel. When I went to Jean's book signing at the Humane Society I saw her publisher--Kristy Makansi--standing outside in the cold, making sure no one got lost. Now that's what I call an incredible publisher.) 

         And now, until Tuesday (March 5), you can get Fifty Shades of Santa free from Amazon. It's an ebook, and even if you don't have a Kindle, you can download (for free) a Kindle app and then read it on your computer (or phone? or ipad?). I've read five of the stories so far,and they're all entertaining. However, none of them are explicit.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tidbits 'bout Tammy

       Yes, there has been lots of frothing-at-the-mouth lately. So much, in fact, that a puddle of spit has formed at my feet.

      After my shocking, explosive expose' on Beth M. Wood, the crowds of my followers (all 7 of them) have clamored for more details about the other elusive WWWP--T'Mara Goodsell  She and Beth are the blind albino newt twins--they live in caves and are only lured out for book signings; the other two WWWPs are famous amongst St. Louis writers, so the frenzied few want to know the scoop on Tammy since they already know Linda O'Connell and Lynn Obermoeller.

Tammy Goodsell, at one of her most recent book signings

       To shed some light on her, I'm offering a few contrasting characteristics:

        Tammy                                 Sioux

*  has dark hair that sometimes                         * has hair that always
    is wavy and sometimes straight,                    looks like it was styled
    but it always looks great                                   with an egg beater

*  is known for the phenomenal writing             * known for occasionally
    she pulls out of her a##                                     acting  like an a##

* when she has a book signing,                          * people are given the
   multiple male suitors show up to                        breathe-on-the-mirror
   fawn over her                                                       test and then are 
                                                                                 dragged to her book

* never fails to use proper grammar                  * never fails to insert a
                                                                                 set of ellipses (or two)
                                                                                 in every sentence

* looks darling in pajama jeans                           * looks like Halle Berry
                                                                                  someone who
                                                                                  swallowed Halle Berry
                                                                                  when she's wearing
                                                                                  pajama jeans

* has been known to steal pillows from              * has been know to 
   unsuspecting sleepers                                          drool on pillows

* is in love with a Frenchman and stalks him      * is in love with France
                                                                                   and plans on wood-
                                                                                   chippering her
                                                                                   husband, if need be,
                                                                                   in order to move

* is known for her miniature BLTs                         * has been known to
                                                                                    gobble down 37 of
                                                                                    Tammy's mini BLTs
                                                                                    in one sitting, while
                                                                                    she stabbed the
                                                                                    other WWWPs with
                                                                                    a sharp fork each
                                                                                    time they attempted
                                                                                    to get one
* has the lushest set of eyelashes around             * has a lucious plate
                                                                                    of fudge waiting to
                                                                                    be eaten...

        Now that you are armed with some titillating tidbits about Tammy, if you are fortunate enough to encounter her during one of her rare forays into the public forum, you will recognize her...and you can--with confidence introduce yourself.

       And you'll find you are in the company of a gifted, gracious writer...