The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mad About SOA

       I was reading Gerry Mandel's post about some friends he had lost. Friends in the forms of well-written television characters. It made me nostalgic...and yet strangely jazzed over what makes a writer click.

      (And Linda, Charming--the town where SOA takes place--is definitely not a place for Mr. Green Jeans.)

photo by aussie dvd store

      One of my favorite shows--these days--is Sons of Anarchy. I know when season five is debuting (way too late in the fall...but face it, unless the new season is opening TOMORROW, the wait is too long in my opinion), I'm all atwitter with the way season 4 ended (even though I was sad Clay was not killed), and I love to hear Kurt Sutter talk about his writing process.

      Here is a video of Kurt Sutter speaking candidly about what writing is like for him, and how it must be flexible because of the actors' participation, as well as how the storyline must evolve. For him, the story is a living, breathing thing.

       I can so identify with that right now. I'm working on a short story--not a memoir piece, so I'm out of my "box"--and I am amazed at how enjoyable it is. The story is unfurling and rolling out ahead of me, and I'm completely in the dark. 
        What will happen next? What is the character feeling right now? What sights and smells bring him back home and comfort him?

          My curious mind wants to know...



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

         Yes, every day for me is a bad hair day. This photo was taken in France, several years ago. After this picture was circulated around Pau and around the Pyrenees, I am now banned from the country continent. Sigh.

         But hey, ladies, you can turn your embarrassing coiffures into credit--publishing credits, that is. Mozark Press is interested in your stories about your unruly hair. Or your stories about a dye job gone bad.

        Donna Volkenannt has had a story or two (perhaps more) published by Mozark. She frequently sings their praises. Mozark's books are high quality and chocked full of wonderful tales.

      Write quickly and send it soon. The deadline is July 15.