The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Memoir... And a Bit More

Well, this was a busy week but I feel like I accomplished nothing. At work, it was science fair project crunch-time. On our floor we had 41 science fair projects to get finished. Sadly, half of them need to get completed today and tomorrow.

"What do you mean, I need a journal? What's a journal?" 

You know, those diary-like entries we worked on, where you kept track of everything you did for your science fair project. You even printed some of them out to get assessed.

"Oh. I deleted those when I organized my Google docs."

Other students said, "Background--what's that?"

You know, your research paper. We each did an outlinewith an attention-getting beginning, the terms you need to explain, the scientists who studied your topic, why it's an important subject to study, and a concluding paragraph. Pull out your outline, and I'll help you with your background paper.

"Oh. I didn't do an outline."

I've sniffed a lot of rubber cement this past week (thankfully, I love the smell). I I've done no writing this week. However, I saw two of my students receive a gold ribbon in a speech competition. They did a duet, and that's the hardest category to get a gold in, since there are two performers, which means both of them need to do an excellent job. They were thrilled, and rightly so.

And now my whining is over. Here's my six-word memoir:

    My writing surrendered... "Real" work won.


    Here's another one:

   Sometimes I get terribly weighed down. 

    The above picture was taken when some reptile guy came to our school. Several of the teachers were terrified--one even left the gym and wouldn't come back in--so when the kids started shouting, "Mrs. R! Mrs. R!" they had no idea I love snakes. (I think this was an albino python. I'm sure Val can help me out if I'm wrong.)

    Hopefully this will be a better week, writing-wise... even if St. Patrick's Day is Saturday, a huuuuuge deal in our school.