The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Standing Tall

Caution: There is a colorful word--not my favorite word but a word that offends some nonetheless--in the photograph. If you have delicate sensibilities, put your hand on top of the picture and don't peek between your fingers.

       My daughter is quite an opinionated, sometimes-stubborn and brazen woman. (I have no idea where she got those characteristics...probably from her father.) There are certain things that either drive her bat**** crazy or make her fret uncontrollably. The circus--at least any circus where there are mistreated and abused performing lions and tigers and elephants. Stray cats in the middle of winter. And a chemical company that has its headquarters in St. Louis and is known for creating Astroturf.

      Tuesday of this week, there was a board meeting at this company--also known as the Devil's Laboratory. A small band of protestors--my daughter one of them--were there as they battled the bitter cold and over-zealous police officers. My daughter stood tall and straight and I've always taught her to least indirectly.  

       No matter what profession we're in, or what social circle we belong to, there are times when we either have to stand tall for our beliefs or we have to back down and remain silent. It's my opinion that with age comes a freedom. I am no longer terribly worried about what others think of me--at least I don't obsess about it. I speak my mind, try to say things respectfully, but don't usually pussy-foot around issues. What you see is what you get...

     How about you? What is a time that you had to decide if you were going to stand up or let things go?

The other side of the sign says,
"Corporate greed creates mutant seeds."
This is my little girl...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winners and Losers

     Tonight I'm going to lose the battle to stay up. A cold--resulting in a snotty nose and loads of exhaustion--has bested me.

     Hold up your tissue-filled hand and say it with me:  aaaachoo! You are now officially a member of the club.

     But before I lost my standing upright status and collapse into bed, I wrote names on slips of paper, folded them into tiny rectangles and drew one.

      The winner of Marcia Gaye's book is...Kim. (I guess you need to figure the ratio of success before you figure the ratio of failure.

          Kim--email me your address (my address is on the top horizontal bar) and I will send you the book. Groovy, huh?