The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Linda O'Connell--Assaulted

photo by favourite waste of time

         St. Louis writer extraordinare, Linda O'Connell, was assaulted on Thursday. The assailant, still at large, is considered armed and dangerous.

         Interviewed while the EMTs were evaluating her condition, Linda gave a detailed description. (Did we expect anything less from a writer?)

          " 'At large' is an apt term. She had droopy breasts and gray roots indicating she was about five weeks overdue for a dye job. Perhaps the authorities might apprehend her in the hair coloring aisle at Target? And she was wearing the most butt-ugly shoes I've ever seen."

           "I was about to sit down in a large, overstuffed chair at Barnes and Noble when this banshee came charging at me. She yanked the chair right out from under me and I landed on the floor.

           As she ran off, the loon shrieked, 'Stop hogging all the publication credits. Let somebody else get into those Chicken Soup books.' The psycho's floppy breasts and wavy arm flaps caused a tornado-like effect. I was lifted up by the force and tumbled again to the floor." 

            Police are questioning members of St. Louis Writers Guild and Saturday Writers. O'Connell's injury necessitated that the injured body part be placed in a sling. Fortunately for the followers of her blog, as well as for the countless publications that depend on O'Connell's stories to fill their pages, her writing will continue uninterrupted... 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Helping the Environment

        Always eager to help out our planet, I constantly search for ways to make Earth a better place.

      Endangered species are at the top of my list. Luckily, I caught this news flash about a creature that is on the edge of extinction. Perhaps if more humans embraced it, this animal might make a resounding come-back.

               Check out many more news tidbits of Doug Savages at Savage Chickens.

              And do what you can to bring this bear back from the brink of extinction.

              Kahlua. It's not just for breakfast anymore...