The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Back-of-the-Book Blurb Friday #17

        Every Friday (except for the month that Sioux took off and poked into the bottom of a gross of Russel Stover candies) there is a photo, and a link. (Mr. Linky is such a slinky fellow.)

      The premise is to write a blurb for an imaginary book--and the photo is the cover of the book. You have a limit with the blurb--it can be no longer than 150 words long. You get to choose what kind of book it is. 

       After you write a blurb, add your name to the link. (It's incredibly simple.) Feel free to peruse the dozens of one or two other blurbs that linked.

       Here is the "cover" of the book, along with my blurb:

The Impossible is Possible

When Sioux signed up to pitch her manuscript at a writing conference, she practiced saying the pitch so many times—in the mirror so she could determine if her mustache was visible in different levels of light—she memorized it.

The moment finally arrived. Sioux delivered her pitch, and it was real and it was spectacular. Some even said it was a breathtaking performance. Filled with such enthusiasm, Sioux (accidentally) kicked off a Croc in the middle of her sales pitch. Everyone watched, their mouths gaping open, as they watched it fly into the air and hit the publisher Sioux was pitching to.

The publisher (perhaps suffering from brain damage) said to Sioux, “Send me the whole manuscript. ASAP. In fact, I'll just give you a contract now. Sign here.”

And just like that, the impossible became possible... (140 words)

Here is the photo for next week (7/22) so you can do some thinking and some drafting before it's posted:

       Have a great weekend, and hopefully during the conference my Croc will not fly into the air like a Milk Dud during a surgical procedure...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What Writing Friends Really Do For Each Other

        I was working on a pitch for my just-a-couple-of-thousand-more-words-and-it'll-be-finished manuscript. 
        Last night a writing friend Kathy Cureton (the artist formerly known as Val) gave me some feedback. It's now a little better than it was before. 
         Today I'm going to a writing critique meeting where several people are perfecting their pitch. I'll get to pitch to the group as well--before the big game on Saturday (a writing conference). Hopefully I won't be booed out of the room or sent back to the dugout in shame.
          On most Wednesdays it's WWWP night, where we critique each other's writing.
          On Saturday I'm riding with Kathy Cureton and The Pony to the conference.
           Sometimes my blogging friends give me encouragement. Or a swift kick in the tookus (when I need it).

         Writing is so much better when you're surrounded by friends...

         What have you done for a friend (or a writing friend) lately?