The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm an Old Dog...

      I began teaching during the chalkboard days. When I switched school districts after 9 years of teaching, there was a dry-erase board bolted on top of a blackboard. I almost put in a written request to have the dry-erase board removed.


      Now, dry-erase boards are old-school. Smartboards are the thing. And even though they occasionally act up in ways that chalkboards never did, I enjoy working with the new technology.

      Last week I got 5 new chromebooks. I already had 3 desktops. Sometime in early January, I will be getting 16 new chromebooks. (I have 27 students so it's still not 1:1 as far as technology is concerned.)

       And so the paradigm shifts yet again. I'll be doing more things without paper (which is a good thing) but also with my own low-tech skills (which is a hilarious thing).

         Do you consider yourself an old dog or a new one? What sort of things are you trying or planning on trying soon? Bumbling minds want to know...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Are You a Digger?

       The other day I let our puppy Radar out. (He's almost 9 months old.) Five minutes later, I open the door to let him in, I look out, and I panic. The way he's splayed out in the yard, it's obvious something terrible has happened.

       One of his legs was gone! Had he broken a leg galloping across the yard?  Had he fallen in a horrible way?

        No. In those brief five minutes, he had dug such a deep hole, one of his front legs was completely buried in the canyon he was working on.

He tries to look  innocent, but his brain is always working on a scheme...

        What do you dig for? Radar is so determined, he not only digs with his paws, he also uses his nose.  What are you feverishly working on--physically, mentally or emotionally?

         (And do you need a foundation dug? I have a one-canine construction crew that's available for hire...He works for treats and petting.)