The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

All You Need is

         I've had a virus for the last three days. Feverish. Hacky. Phlegmy. (Do you want more info? I thought not...)

          This week was supposed to be dedicated to working on my report cards activities done to avoid working on my report cards making some headway on my 2012 NaNo/2013 NaNo Rebel project. It hasn't happened. It's difficult to type while curled up under several quilts...dozing off sometimes...teetering on delirious (Wait. Writing while in a not-quite-lucid state might result in better stuff than I've accumulated so far.)

          Nothing has gotten written this break except a submission for the St. Louis Writers' Guild "St. Louis" anthology. Nothing else. No NaNo work. I had no desire...until this afternoon.

          A blogging colleague (Never met him. Don't even live on the same continent that he lives on--most of the time. I just follow him and envy that he travels. and. gets. paid. for it. AND he writes a lot.) offered to be a beta reader for me if I need it. Thanks, Sean. I appreciate the offer. I won't say I'll never take you up on it, (Sean McLachlan, do you really want to read a chick lit novel about a bunch of menopausal women writers who vent and dream of what they could do with an commercial-sized wood chipper? Really?) but I will say your offer nudged me into writing.

          The Beatles claimed, "All you need is love." But what is a kick in the butt nudge, if not love?

          How was your New Year's Eve? What kind of nudging--and in what directions--are you getting from your friends and family?