The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, January 15, 2015

All Things Sucky

        If you head over to the Muffin tomorrow (Friday) you can read my guest post.  (I'll put in the real link when it hits the blogosphere.) If you stop by, you'll get the scoop on "sucky."

     Chris Rock meets Letterman meets Sioux...(How can you resist?)

     And because I love the way Bruno Mars moves, here's Uptown Funk. (Watch his footwork. He's incredible.) Apparently this song was almost ditched, but Mars added the low, almost-not-there "doh... doh doh doh, doh doh doh...doh," they worked on it, stayed true to it and now it's all the rage...  

       So what's stopping you? Mark your calendar for tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by today. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fun for Everyone

      I missed posting on Thursday. I was busy exhaling after finishing report cards while I simultaneously tried to avoid a certain staff member who was waiting for me to finish the 2nd quarter writing assessment scores (54 kids, 9 skills to score per paper, with 7 possible scores for each skill) and lined up the gods of sleet, hoping to press them into service this morning.

       No such luck. The rain in Spain (and St. Louis) stayed mainly on the plain...and it stayed unfrozen.

        While I was procrastinating with the writing assessments (after all, I am the Princess of Procrastinators) I got to play some fun games with Monster Pup. I'm planning on getting a patent on them and pitching them to the investors on the show Shark Tank. Here are Radar's thrill-a-minute games:

  • Out of Your Socket--You take one end of his rope toy and he grabs onto the other end with his pearly-whites. Then he shakes and yanks on the rope with such violence, you arm is nearly yanked out of its socket.

  • Poop! Poop! Who Gets the Poop?--Radar has developed into a master recycler. He will eat no poop before its prime (which means, according to his discerning palate--that he'll eat fresh-from -the-sphincter poop, he'll eat frozen poop, he'll eat old, dried-up poop). You may think you've poop-scooped the yard, and then you see him chewing something. Approaching him is the signal for him to speed up his chewing.

  • Naked Blonde Mud Wrestling--Okay, he is a blonde and we do mud wrestle in the tub, but he's not completely naked. He does have a collar on.

        If you have a dog or cat (or a clever guinea pig), what games do they play? Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank will probably want more than 3 games as part of my package deal. Otherwise, he might be reluctant to invest $350,000 for 25% of the business...