The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Writers' Room

         I meet with my writing group twice a month--on the first and third Wednesday. The WWWPs are the best at critique, in my opinion.

      Recently, however, I became chair of a "teachers-as-writers" group. In past years, this group set up writing marathons, writing retreats, and so on. However, the only thing that really gets teachers writing is writing... and writing... and writing.

       So, several of us formed a writing critique group, and now on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday we meet. (That means I'm in a critique group four nights a month. Yikes!)

       There had been lots of discussion back and forth. What day? What time? And where? 

      One of the teachers has a connection with a bar and grill called Fergie's. (Her dad owns the place.)  She claimed there was a private room that would probably be available. After double-checking, she reported that the private room was free, and we could have it for the perfect price. (I told you it was free. "Free" is a teacher's favorite phrase, second only to "snow day.") 

       This past Tuesday was our third time meeting. The funny thing is, the bar's regulars (and all the people there are regulars, it seems) along with the staff, are quite curious about what goes on behind our closed door. They ask the owner lots of questions. They interrogated us when we left tonight. The waitresses--more than one--kept coming in with offers that made me suspicious.

           "Is that salt too coarsely ground for you?"
           "Would you like me to wipe the water spots off your utensils?"
           "Would you like me to peel your grapes?" 

       When I left on Tuesday, I told the owner, "I think you could make some extra money. Install a two-way mirror, and charge people to listen in on what we're doing." The group that was sitting with him got quite enthusiastic about the idea.

       I have a feeling that what they think is going on in the private writers' room is a whole lot more exciting than the reality of it. But it is amusing...

       What do they think is going on in the writers room?


Monday, November 2, 2015

Shoving Ahead

        With every  piece,
        write, write, write.
        There'll be some crap,
        write, write, write.
        And a time to revise... sometime later.
        A time to edit, a time to reread.
        A time to delete, a time to scrap.
        A time to rewrite, a time to share.
        A time to refuse to share... I swear it is pure poop. (My apologies to Pete Seeger, The Byrds and Peter, Paul and Mary.)

        It took me until this evening, but I did manage to get 3,000 more words shoved out. I'm getting over some bumpy plot parts, and perhaps I can set another goal this week or this next weekend, and achieve it or at least part of it.

        We'll see.

        What do you plan on accomplishing this week?

         I'm leaving you with a George Ezra video. The video itself is silly (I think) but I love his voice. He's so young but sounds like a middle-aged man (again, that's my opinion).