The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Hat Trick, Baby

        Okay, my sports knowledge is severely limited, but I do know what a hat trick is. And these three poets are a fiercesome threesome...

      It's rare I order three copies of the same book. But when this trio of writers offered up yet another collection of their poetry, I couldn't help myself.

       One for me. One for a friend. And one to give away...

You can buy this book at Amazon if you don't win it.
       Their work is mercurial. It defies description--at least I am inept at describing it, except to say that their writing is fine. Really fine. 

        Since my tongue is tied (along with my keyboard apparently), I'm giving you a link to check out these writers (in case you're not familiar with them). And at the end of the month (April), I'll draw a name of the lucky winner--the winner of their own personal copy of Three-Note Howl: The Wild Hunt.

         Check out Kelli Simpson at her blog.  Read Shay Simmons' daily poetry offering on her blog. Get to know Joy Ann Jones by diving into her blog. And keep your fingers crossed...

          Leave comments to enter this fantastic giveaway. Leave a gross of them. Leave them often. (It won't increase your chances but it will amuse me.)

                                (a little Emmylou Harris--in her younger years--for Shay)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Still Into It

(Beware. This topic/title was chosen so I would have a reason to include my favorite Paramore song. Sorry.)

     Okay, these are the things I am still "into":

  • Sons of Anarchy (a show on FX that I love and is in its final will take its final breaths this summer or fall, I believe. Think "The Sopranos" on motorcycles.)
  • teaching (I still enjoy my job.)
  • Crocs (however, one of my pairs--"Blackie"--is going to be autopsied soon, on April 24. Bring your own flower petals.)
  • honesty (I got some initial feedback on my NaNo/manu, and even though no one has gotten to the end yet, they are suggesting segues. Are those really necessary?  They also say I probably need to change my point of view, which will result in more snark. No one has ever asked for more snark from me. I love it.)
  • a great writing critique group  (Just about every piece of writing I submit has been critiqued by four gifted writers. They each bring a different perspective, they each have their unique strengths, but they're all strong and fierce.)
     What are you "into" these days?  (And now what I've been waiting for. I'm sorry if it's not what you have been waiting for...)