The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

For Lisa, I Will Be an Employer of Ladies of the Evening


         Lisa Ricard Claro has launched her own writing and editing business. Ricard Writing & Editing offers a variety of services at various levels.

          Do you have a HM (hot mess) of a WIP? Are you in desperate need of help when it comes to your manuscript? Have you begged for an objective pair of eyes, but are suspicious your writing friends are being kind telling white lies hitting the opium pipe failing to be honest when they respond to your work?

          Yes? Then Lisa is the answer to your problem. Not only will she help you with your manuscript, she'll also craft a book blurb, a query letter or (shudder) a synopsis.

          If you've read any of Lisa's work--her short stories or her novel (her 2nd novel is coming out in January)--you know what a gifted writer she is. If you've ever read her comments on other people's blogs, or her replies to comments on her blog, then you know what a deft touch she has with humor and encouragement, along with how in tune she is with each individual writer she encounters.

        Since Friday, I've been camped out at Half Price Books. I'm wrapping gifts for Love a Golden Rescue. It's my favorite bookstore. (And they're coming to Atlanta, for you folks in Georgia). Each HPB location has a huge assortment of used books, records (33 rpm's, baby!), movies, comic books, CD's, and even videotapes (what are those?). They will literally buy anything except yesterday's newspaper. Old People magazines? They'll buy them. Your beloved Bee Gees concert videotape? They'll buy it but might snicker over the images of the brothers Gibb in feathered hair and leisure suits once you've left the building. They also have new books, but with way-cheaper prices than their competitors.

        What book or magazine do you have that you might be reluctant--because of the guffaw effect you might cause--to take to a used book store? And since I won't be posting until next Monday, have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas). Eat an extra piece of pie for me...