The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, November 3, 2011

WWWP Critique Group and SD Society or Beth M. Wood is Missing

         Yes, last night was another night of our Wild Women With Pens gathering, where we make suggestions and disturb...well, you know.

         Usually we're a rowdy group. Twice already, the police have been called on us; the neighbors reported loud snorting and guffawing, squeals of laughter, and strange screams, like:

  • "I'm gonna get the top of George Clooney's head tattooed right here!"
  • "Fargo him! Put him in the chipper and chip-chip-chip him away."
  • "OMG! That story on flatulence was...explosive!"
  • "I've never heard of a workout being!  Show me his picture again."
     Last night, we were subdued. Restrained. Proper. However, I can't figure out why the evening was so different. 

     Anyway, in spite of the low decibel level and the still-dry-at-the-end-of-the-night panties, I learned some things and was reminded of something.

1. Six or seven heads are always better than one. Even if someone makes a suggestion that you disagree with, the act of going back and rethinking and rationalizing your word choice/arrangement (usually) strengthens the piece.

2. Working for little or no money is not always a bad thing. If an author writes for an anthology that only pays $5 or $10, it's a way to support the editors/publishers, it's a notch on our publication belt, and you never know what connections you can make.

3. If you eat four pieces of birthday cake with cream cheese frosting, due to the high protein content of cream cheese, you're getting four servings from the "meat" group. Really. I'm serious.

4. When an integral cog in our wheel of fun is missing, it's just not the same...

      Hopefully our next meeting will find us back to normal. Oh, that's right. It'll be another one full of whispered advice. I suppose someone else could step up to the plate and take charge of the bawdy revelry. Linda O'Connell? You've been known to clear tables--at least of full glasses of soda. Are you up to the challenge?

      Just wonderin'... 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Magpie # 89

      Every week, Tess Kincaid provides a bit of visual inspiration. Those who participate in Magpie Tales create a vignette, a poem or whatever their muse dictates...

     After your piece is completed, you thank Tess and comment on her piece, you get linked to all the other pieces via Mr. Linky, and comment on the others. A fun time for all.

      So, without further ado, here is the photo and my poem:

she began with an old fashioned pen.
safe inside
was a tube of ink,
as black and glinting as her eyes.

the audibleness of it,
the scratching sound
of pen on paper,
was comforting.

pure crap!
she wadded the paper
and dropped it in disgust.
she hurled the pen.
it hit the wall, a splatter of writers' blood
sprayed and splayed in protest.

she then turned to a pencil.
its point broke as soon as she touched it
in contemplation.

dropping into onto the floor,
she ground it into pulp with the heel of her boot.

turning to the contraption, 
electrified and eager,
she whispered,
"third time better be a charm,"
as she caressed the keys...