The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, July 26, 2010

What I Need in Order to Survive

        I was checking out, and reading a humorous posting.  (I am noticing that the closer I get to August 5th, the more I seek out humorous bits.)

       This teacher listed things they needed in order to survive.  What do I need to teach, and without it, I will perish?

  • Blue tack---that sticky stuff that can be reused, year after year,to stick stuff onto the wall, or the door, or file cabinets---only the blue stuff will do---the white stuff doesn't work as well

  • chocolate--a little dab (or a large slab) will do 'ya
  • black Sharpies (I like to hoard a few in a cabinet)
  • rubber cement (alright, I don't absolutely need this, but I certainly enjoy the scent--the smell is as comforting as the taste of paste was when I was a kid)
  • a least a couple of quirky kids (this is almost always a "given")--I do better when I have some squirrely students, because then I have a few kindred spirits around me

  • a theme. I think my room's theme this year is "Dreams" and I am going to have each student decorate a set of blank CD's (strung, 3 in a row, from the ceiling) with beads and other things.  There will be clouds hung from the ceiling as well.  My teaching friend and I have a dream of going to Africa and spending a few weeks teaching; I would definitely like to help nurture my students' dreams... 
  • music.  I like to listen to music--loud-- before the students come in.  It energizes me, and if I close my door, I can even dance around (a sight that is quite funny---better than Elaine from Seinfeld)
  • air conditioning.  I don't mean just in the early fall and in the spring.  I mean all year long.  ("Children, can you spell menopause?")

  • a teaching partner that has a sense of humor (I have that---Holly is hilarious and is a natural-born teacher.)
  • a colleague to debrief with (I have that as well; I have a teaching friend---the one who is going to Africa with me, some day, who is an invaluable sounding board)
  • techno-savvy kids.  Since my Smartboard is dubbed the "Dumb Board" because of my lack of skills, I rely on my students many times every day. 
I am sure there are other things I need, but I can't think of them right now.

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